PHOTOS: Sports Day at Saifiyah Boys High School Karachi

On the auspicious occasion of 100th Milad Mubarak of Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS, Jamali Nursery & Saifiyah Boys High School, Karachi, arranged the Annual Sports Day of pre primary at the roof top of the school and primary and secondary classes events at the famous Railway Ground Stadium. The event was started by Tilawate Quran Majeed and then the P.T. display took place in which the 100th formation was done by the children, all at drum beats, to wish our Moula TUS His 100th Milad. Then other sports events took place. The principal of the school Mrs.Shireen ben Karimjee and sports teacher Mr.Aziz and Mr.Masood played their vital role to organised this event at its best.

May Allah Subhanahu grant our Moula Mohammed Burhanuddin a very long and healthy life taa qayamat. ameen


M.Huzaifa Mohammed Disawala

Moallim, S.B.H.S. Karachi.

Photos provided courtesy of Mulla Huzaifa Bhai Disawala

Entrepreneurship Development — Saleh Mohalla Chapter

Amidst the long list of programs and celebrations being held throughout the world in this most memorable (Centennial) year in the history of Dawat Fatimiyah, Burhani Professionals Association – Saleh Mohallah Chapter (BPA-SMC) stepped forward to utilize the maximum potential of its resources and with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Maula TUS embarked on yet another journey to set an example for others to follow.

BPA-SMC, under the guidance and supervision of our Aamil Saheb Janab Mufaddal bs Zakiuddin organized a 3-Day workshop on the topic of ‘Entrepreneurship Development’ conducted in the first week of this New Year. The concept of the workshop was based on the farmaan of our Bawa Shafiq:

Huzur e Aala (TUS) farmave che “Mumineen ni jamaat ! Tamaru Rizq tamne talab karta hua awse, tame araam se zindagi guzaro, tamari koshish karo, pachi Khuda Taala par muki dou, je tamaru che yeh tamne zaroor milse, tame Shariat ni pabandi karjo” (Ashara Mubaraka 1432H)

One of the most emphasized and highlighted topics by Huzur e Aala (TUS) during recent times has been the need and importance for Mumineen to do their own business with a professional approach. Based on this Nasihat-e-Uzma, BPA-SMC attempted to lay the foundation of a concrete commitment towards this cause. Shk Taizoon Bhai Haidry (Consultant at NiMble Business Solutions – an international management consulting firm) developed and executed a comprehensive 3-day workshop on the development of entrepreneurial skills and abilities. An existing course on the same topic as developed by the Center for International Private Enterprise (a US-based concern) was obtained with their consent customized by the course facilitator. The audience targeted through this workshop was a perfect blend of existing and prospective businessmen who benefitted greatly from the immensely informative sessions.

The course was categorized on the 3M management philosophy i.e. Meaning, Management and Measurement. The ‘Meaning’ was derived from the Bayan of Aqa Maula TUS mentioned above, whereas the ‘Management’ & ‘Measurement’ part of the presentation was inculcated in the participants by discussing the following topics to develop the entrepreneurial mindset:
· How to eradicate the fear of doing business (remove blocks from your mind)
· Importance of creativity, dedication and charm in business
· Emphasis on how to gain knowledge and work on networking, market research & confidence
· Tools required to run the business
· An evaluation of pros and cons of doing business versus service
· Business development process
· SWOT Analysis to create strategies
· Budgeting as the most effective tool for business

The 3rd day was solely reserved for the participants to present their business strategies which they planned to pursue after this workshop and how they intended to execute their ideas. Janab Shabbir bs Nomani graced the occasion with his presence on this day, gave some very valuable advice to the prospective future business men/women and awarded certificates.

Mr. Hammad Siddiqui (Senior Program Manager – CIPE) also conducted a two-hour session on the topic of ‘Success Factors’ where he enlightened the participants with the most crucial pre-start and post-start up factors of doing any business.

The entire workshop kept the participants glued to their seats and infused in them, what is known as the, ‘Burning Desire’ to become an entrepreneur. Apart from the interesting knowledge sharing by the course facilitator, some very targeted and ‘well thought of’ practical exercises performed by the participants at regular intervals kept them motivated and encouraged them to think out of the box and, at the same time, leaving a lasting impression on their minds.

A rigorous follow up will be done by the BPA-SMC team in the months to come to achieve the sought objective of this workshop, which is, to lead the participants to the ultimate goal of starting their own business and conduct it professionally as per the Khushi Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS).

The event was held at the newly built Qaat ul Quran, Shabbirabad Block A and lunch and hi-tea were served during the sessions each day. The entire workshop was highly regarded and appreciated by all the participants and the need to organize such sessions on a large scale in our community was stressed upon by all those present.

We take this opportunity to thank Faiz-e-Hakimi for their extensive support and effort in encouraging us to execute this concept and to further continue to promote this notion through this platform. Special thanks to Janab Shk Zohair BHai (Aamil Saheb – Burhani Mohallah) for his assistance and encouragement throughout the workshop.

For any suggestions/comments/ideas please email us at

Long Live Aqa Maula (TUS) for hundreds of thousands of years and beyond. Ameen

Akhbar By Adnan Mustafa Cashwala

PHOTOS: Go Green launched in Poona

The Dawoodi Bohra Community in Pune launched their ambitious Tree Plantation Drive today as part of the celebrations of the 100th Milad (birthday) of their religious head Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (TUS)

The event was flagged off at M. G. Road, Pune Camp with a decorative palm being planted outside the Cantonment Court at the hands of Shri Mohan Singh Rajpal, Mayor of Pune, Janab Abdeally Nooruddin, Head of the Dawoodi Bohra Community in Pune, Smt. Vandana Chavan, President of NCP, Pune city, PI. Smt Sushma Chavan, of Cantonment Police Station, Mr. Manzoor Shaikh, Vice President of the Cantonment Board and elected members of the PCB and other dignitaries,

The Dawoodi Bohras plan to plant about 10,000 trees in and around Pune with around 50 on M. G. Road and East Street. They are working closely with the Pune Cantonment Board to pinpoint the ideal spots for the planting of saplings where they would do the most good.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Mohan Singh Rajpal expressed his best wishes to His Holiness on the momentous occasion of his forthcoming 100th birthday. “Although the Dawoodi Bohras may be small in numbers, they have a very big heart and a big vision. Their contributions to the development of Pune is noteworthy, and we sincerely appreciate this noble initiative to make Pune Green. If every Puneite was to plant one tree, ours would be one of the most beautiful cities”. He requested the entire gathering to rise for a minute and say a silent prayer for His Holiness Dr. Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin (TUS).

Janab Abdeally Nooruddin, who strongly believes in the values of peace, progress and nationhood, said, “We are Indians first and proud to be residents of this fair city of Pune. We look forward to working together with the authorities and making Pune a better place to live in”.

Mr. Manzoor Shaikh, Vice President of the Pune Cantonment Board, expressed his best wishes and appreciation of this positive endeavour of the Dawoodi Bohras and assured full support of the PCB and their members for making this event a success.

The 15,000 strong Dawoodi Bohra Community in Pune has several other events lined up as part of the celebrations which will go on till March. The activities include SOS – Save our Sparrows – an activity where 2,000 bird feeders will be distributed to bird lovers across Pune; The Burhani Cricket Tournament with 22 teams from India and abroad; installation of drinking water coolers at public places; Burhani Business Expo Suites – a trade exhibition; and Know Us – a Dawoodi Bohra Women’s entrepreneur show.

Reported By Rampurawala Murtaza Skh Mohammed.

Photos By Mustafa Alihusain Kabir

Photos provided courtesy of Murtaza Bhai Rampurawala

PHOTOS: Daris organized by Shabab ul Eid iz Zahabi Mohammedi Mohalla Karachi

SHABAB Mohammedi Mohallah – Karachi Organised Ijtimai Darees in Aqa Moula’s (tus) tul umr niyat at Mohammedi Masjid soldier bazar Karachi, on 30th Jan 2011. May Allah Subhanahu grant our Moula Mohammed Burhanuddin a very long and healthy life taa qayamat. ameen

Reported By :- Khuzaima A. Arsiwala ( Shabab IT Co-ordinator Mohammedi Mohallah – Karachi)

Photos provided courtesy of Khuzaima Bhai Arsiwala