PHOTOS: Milad Celebrations in Rangoon Burma

Lailatul Milaad and Yaumul Milaad Celebration in Rangoon, Burma.

Mumenins of Rangoon, Burma celebrated 99th Milad Mubarak of Dai Zaman, Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (TUS) with full enthusiasm and joy.

Lailatul Milaad Majlis was held in Sadaraat of Janabsaab M. Mustafa Bhai Shk Shabbir Bhai Hamid. After Sharbaat and Wadhawani rasam, a small program was presented by the Madrasa children.

On the day of Milaad Mubaraak, Rangoon Mumenin took barakaat of Noorani kalemaat and did Talaqqi of Waaz Mubarak of Aqa Maula (TUS). Rangoon Mumenin offers Sajadatus Shukr in Hazrat Imamiyah for granting us Deedar Mubarak and Noorani Bayan on Milaad Day.

Mu. Mohammedhussain. Shk Fakhruddin. Aurangabadi

Rangoon Jamaat

Photos provided courtesy of Mulla Mohammedhusain Aurangabadi

PHOTOS: Milad Waaz Relay in Vancouver Canada

Mumineen in large numbers gathered at the markaz of Vancouver at 3pm on sunday 20th Rabi ul akhar to listen to the waaz mubarak of Huzurala tus.

Mumineen gathered lots of barakaat, and did purjosh maatam after Maulas tus waaz mubarak. after which, was a grand procession, cake cutting, yemeni mubarakbadi, gifts distribution to madrasa children, followed by salavat niyaz.

the markaz was decorated with lights and balloons for the Milad Mubarak of our beloved Maula (tus)

May Allah grant our beloved Maula His Holiness Dr Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (tus) a healthy and prosperous life till the day of judgement.Ameen.

Abde Syedna (tus)

Qaidjoher Sh Mufaddal Diwan

Photos provided courtesy of Mulla Qaidjohar Bhai Diwan

PHOTOS: Laylate Milad Celebrations in Mohammadi Mohalla Kuwait

Lailate-Milad Aqa Moula TUS – Mohammedi Mohalla, Kuwait

Janab Amil Saheb Juzer Bs Vaziri presided over 99th Milad Raat Majlis and procession at Mohammedi Mohalla Istiklal Kuwait

Photo by : Mohammedul Baqir Bhai

Akhbar by: Hussain S. Tabi

Shabab-ul-Eiddiz Zahabi


Photos provided courtesy of Husain Bhai Tabi

Hunar Bazaar 2010 in Taheri Mohalla Khaitan

Hunar Bazaar 2010 in Taheri Mohalla Khaitan, Kuwait

Baad afzaal us salaam

Wish u all Milaad DAI ZAMAN mubarak !!!

May Allah Subhanahu grant our Moula a long life Ameen !!

On this auspicious occassion where the mumineen of the world are celeberating we in

Taheri Mohalla Khaitan are organising a Hunar Bazaar on the 30th April 2010 in the Carmel School , khaitan .

The objective is to bring all the mumineen – muminaat under one roof who have the skills, the creativity and need a platform to be exposed so that they can earn a respectable livelihood.

Insha Allah, with the Dua Mubarak of Aqa Moula we will be able to touch the lives of some mumineen (if not all)

and uplift their lifestyles.

We shall encourage all those who are involved in handloom, small cottage industry, wood carving , jwellery making, topi gunthwu, rida designing, embroidery, croatia making, gift box making, thermocol model making, glass painting, achaar – paapri – farsan – sweets, fruit – vegetable carving, mehndi design and also all those items that are sold in the tin market & ofcourse lot more.

And to make the event more beneficial we shall invite other business entities who need to exhibit their exclusive product and want to advertise amongst the mimineen customers.

Now, since it is a bazaar there will be fun & frolic – that we promise – as it will have a lot of games (some of them will be for the first ever) and there will be food parlors & yes don’t forget to bring your kids, there is something in for them


We expect to attract a lot mumineen ( all of kuwait ) and we extend our invitation to all the Khidmat Idaras of kuwait to help us in any ways they can so that this program can be successfully executed.

Khuda Ta’ala apna Baawa Shafeeq ne ta qayaamat Sehat ane aafiyat ma baqi ane baqi raakhe.Ameen .


Hunar Bazaar

abde syedna

Mulla Shabbir Sathya

Photos provided courtesy of Yusuf Bhai Hotelwala