al-Multaqa al-Fatemi al-Ilmi

Mulla Juzar Sk Yusuf

Background : In the year 1399 Hijri, a mutlaqa (seminar) was held for four days in al- Jamea-tus-Saifiyah at Surat. It was called al-Mutlaqa al-Fatemi al-Ilmi. At this seminar Aqa Moula reiterated seven golden principles which are in fact based on the original Islamic injunctions brought by Rasulullah 1400 years ago. Aqa Moula advised mumineen to follow these principles so as to get the best out of both this world and hereafter (Akherat). Mumineen who had the good fortune to attend this historic meeting took the oppurtunity to raise various questions which were answered to their satisfaction by Shehzadas, with Aqa Moula’s raza mubarak. The seminar had a profound impact on the Bohras throughout the world. With Aqa Moula’s doa mubarak thousands of mumineen freed themselves from the clutches of riba and started to adhere to the shariat very closely. For example the men started to wear beards and the ladies began using the rida. In fact they changed their whole pattern of life style to conform with the Mohammadi shariat. Mumineen must have learnt of the principles mentioned above in the waaz or bayaan in the intervening days, but I feel that it is worth recapitulating them as they are evergreen and if sincerely followed would make mumineen into a community of highly diciplined, respectable and reputable group and be an example to fellow Muslims and humanity in general.

The Principles pertain to the following :

Rasulullah has left two very important legacies. One is Allah’s kitab the Quran -e-majid and the other is his Itrat or progeny. Mumineen should endeavour to obtain barakaat from both these legacies, so that they will never ever go astray. Aqa Moula says every mumin should acquire the habit of reading the Quran daily. Even if one does not understand the verses, it is important to read it because it will benefit the soul. Of course it is better if one endeavours to understand the contents of Allah’s kitab. In this context, we mumineen are fortunate to our Doat-ul-Mutlaqeen who can accurately interpret it for us.

Allah’s only deen is Islam. It is our deen. Imaan is our faith and on these two foundations rest all our deeds. Maulana Ali Amirul Mumineen says that Islam is based on love for Allah. Islam is a highly respectable religion. Aqa Maula says that we should thus give it the honour, obey it, give it it’s rights and place it in its rightful place. Next is Imaan, without which Islam cannot be accepted. Our Valayat for Aale Mohammad, Aimmat Tahereen and Doat Mutlaqeen makes our Iman strong and hence we can adhere to Allah’s deen – Islam.

The third principle requires us to base our upbringing on the Islamic injunctions. Aqa Maula says that a mumin’s upbringing should be based on Quran, Islam and Iman. Aqa Maula wants mumineen’s children to begin their education with Quran. There is no restriction for a mumin to pursue kowledge in this world. He can acquire whatever degree or speciality he wishes provided he adheres to the Islamic shariat. In this respect our beloved 51st Dai-ul-Mutlaq, Syedna Taher Saifuddin Saheb (AQ) has contributed immensely by setting up schools, madrasas and colleges to meet the educational needs of mumineen. Aqa Maula is further enhancing these facilities.

Wherever a mumin goes he should never lose sight of the fact that he is a muslim first. He should endeavour to lead a life such that he would be an example to his community where he resides. His home should portray his islamiat and iman. It should be kept clean so that it would emit the fragrance of Islam and Iman. He should similarly take pain to keep the masjid clean as it is considered to be Allah’s abode. He should dress according to Islamic code and should not consider it to be outdated in this modern era. Touching on the relationship with fellow muslims and others Aqa Maula says that a mumin should be such that they would look on him for guidance and advise. He should always adhere to Islamic shariat in his dealings with others.

Aqa Maula says that a mumin should be encouraged to do business. He should avoid being service minded. This is because there is a lot of barakaat in business. However, a mumin should work hard to acquire Rizqe Halal. He cannot expect Allah to give him a living without first making efforts. Another important message he gives is that all business should be free from riba or interest which is forbidden in Islam. Islam allows one to make profit, but disallows him to indulge in riba.

The aspects of life of all mumineen should be based on the deen. Parents should endeavour to build the character of their children from young such that they would grow up to be citizens with high moral principles. Simultaneously thay should look inwards into their own habits and bring about the changes by getting rid of bad habits like smoking, gambling, drinking etc. They should be just in their dealings with others and follow the shariat closely in all their under-takings. It is important for them to keep abreast with the current development in their community and world at large so that they are well informed and derive positive lessons from it.

Aqa Maula advises all mumineen wherever they are to be loyal to their country of residence and be exemplary citizens. At the same time they should not forget their identity as momineen and Bohras.

Conclusion : In this current 15th century Hijri the people of the world are moving away from the righteous path in the name of so called modernisation. However with Aqa Maula’s guidance we are adhering very closely to Allah’s shariat while still deriving the full benefits of the modern era. We should therefore be grateful to Allah Almighty for bestowing the na’mat of a rehbar in our beloved Aqa Maula. It is Aqa Maula’s karam and ehsan that we mumineen are living in amity and happiness in this world which is full of turmoil and unrest. May Allah grant our beloved Moula (tus) a long life. Ameen

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