Importance of the 15th night of Shaban

Qazi Sh Abbas Borhany

There are a few precise nights, when doors of Rahmat are open more widely for humankind. Night of 15th Shabaan is one of those specific chosen nights of Barakaat, when Doa is granted. Amir al Mumineen Ali Ibn Abi Talib (A.S.) taught a Doa to his very close Sahabi, Syedi Kumail Ibn Ziyad al Nakhaee. Syedi Kumail narrated that one night Ashaab of Ali gathered at Masjid al Basrah, under the command of Amir al Mumeneen Ali. One of the Ashaab asked Ali, O Moula! Inform us the meaning of “Feeha Yufraqu Kullu Amrin Hakeem” (On that night all divine instructions are given)? Ali explained that it is night of 15th Shabaan. Wallah! For humankind budget has to be prepared, from this night to the coming 15th Shabaan. Wallah! None of the Mumin turns (from Ibadat) but with Barakaat. If any one recites Doa al Khizar on this night, Allah would grant his/her Doa. While Ashaab of Ali turned towards their homes, Syedi Kumail nukes the door of his Moula. Ali enquired from inside, O! Kumail! Why have you come at late night? Kumail replied, O Moula! Teach me Doa al Khizar. From that time, Doa al Khizar is also known as Doa al Kumail. It should be recited during every Thursday night. If not possible, recite once a month, on any Thursday night .If not possible, recite it on the night of 15th Shabaan, if it is also not possible, then at least recite once in a lifetime. To seek fulfillment of legitimate desires, recite it after Farz Salaat, till desire of the needy are fulfilled. It keeps safe from the intrigues of enemies, multiplies means of livelihood, and sins are forgiven. Ali said,” Whosoever keeps awake in Ibadat on night of 15th Shabaan and recites the Doa al Khizar, undoubtedly that person’s Hajaat will be responded to and granted. Ali bestowed tidings to Kumail, “Allah may protect you from the evils of the enemies and the plots contrived by impostors. O’ Kumail! In consideration of your companionship and understanding, I grant you this honor of entrusting this Doa to you. An intelligent reading of this Doa, granted by Amir al Mumeneen Ali, to one of his intimate Ashaab and famous scholar, Syedi Kumail Ibn Ziyad, will disclose to the reader, the unique nature of the touching appeal it has for invoking Rahmat, as well as the eloquence it presents. (Shareh Saheefah Alawiyah, Amir al Mumeneen, Ali Ibn Abi Talib). A sentence of the Doa available on pg. No.375, of the “Saheefatun Gharra”, prepared by Al Syedah al Fazilah, Amatullah Busahebah draws our attention to deeply consider on it. Compiler of the Doa says,”Ilahee In Kunta Katabtani Fee Ummul Kitabay Indaka Shaqiyan Faqiran Faamhu Anni Ismal Faqray Wal Shaqawatay Wa Asbitnee Indaka Saeedan Ghaniya,Wa In Kunta Katabtani Fee Ummul Kitabay Indaka Mahruman Muqataran Aleya Rizqee Faamhu Anni Hirmani Wa Taqtira Rizqee”.(O Allah! If you have mentioned my name in Ummul Kitaab as unfortunate and scarce than remove it. If unlucky and fateful, then fix my name in your record as prosperous, happy and independent one. And if you have mentioned my name in Ummul Kitaab as a poor person, who’s Rizaq has shrank than increase in my Rizaq). Quraan says, “Allah will remove what He wishes and continue and He has Ummul Kitaab”. Kindly remember us in your Doa. May Allah bestow upon us Sadaat & Arzaaq of Dunya & Akhirat by Wasilah of “Ibadehil Lazinastafa” and protect us from Afaat & all evils.

May Allah grant more decades to Dai al Imam al Husain (T.U.S.) to bestow Doa to the seekers and elevate them in Darajaat. Ameen.

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