Khutba of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (TUS) – Iftetah of Saify Masjid, Dubai

Forwarded by: Mulla Juzar Shk Yusuf bhai Noorani

This is the English rendering of the Khutba Mubarakah delivered by Aqa Moula (TUS) on the auspicious occasion of the dedecation of Dubai Masjid on Monday,11/4/1983. The Khutba was in Arabic.


Dear Respected Brother

Respected Friends,

Allah in His firm revealed Book says and Allah Is the truest of all those who speak :

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The similitude of His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor of the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light. Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah Is Knower of all things. (This lamp is found) in houses which Allah hath allowed to be exalted and that His name shall be remembered therein. Therein do offer praise to Him at morn and evening. Men whom neither merchandise nor sale beguileth from remembrance of Allah and establishing Salat and paying Zakat who fear a day when hearts and eyeballs will be overturned”

Lo, how eloquently the Masjids – the Houses that Allah allowed to be exalted to chant His lofty name and to sanctify His unparalleled glory – are linked with the luminous “Ayat El-Noor” and the exalted ideal incorporated therein, both in one complete series.

It seems that these Houses, erected for Ibadat, are sources of radiation and places of reflection of Divine glorious light. That light when it falls upon a thing illumines the object which then glitters in grandeur and majesty, reflecting beauty and perfection.

It seems that the remembrance of Allah, in the holy House and its fragant precincts, is the echo of heavenly melody and the rythm of celestial Munajat, pouring forth from pure and pious hearts, urging them towards meeting with Allah, in which lie their supreme joy and final goal. And lo, how beautiful is the mention of those who tend the masjid by worship and recitation, by comprehension of insight, in the content of this Ayah and In the manner of its eloquent description. How exalted are their attributes, how beautiful their signs, how noble their character and how grand their deeds! They are beings, neither distracted by merchandise nor sale, from remembrance of Allah, from establishing Salat and giving zakat. For they live in Allah and for His sake; their hearts are attached to the Throne of Al-Rehman and their souls aspire to the Day of Judgment and the Day of the Absolute.

In the symmetry of Islam, the pillar of Al-Salat comes immediately after Shahadat of Tawheed, without which no deed is accepted. Al-Salat finds precedence in Al Quran as compared to the other absolutes of Deen. This is so because Salat is the vital link between the Creator and His servant, enabling man to reach Allah and seek His help and guidance in all walks of life and in all matters.

Al-Salat comprises of several acts (Hudud) of words and forms commencing with Ehram and Takbeer and ending with Tashahud and Tasleem. Yet the best of them Is Sujud. This draws man nearer to Allah, the Lord of the Universe. In Sujud the man realises complete submission to his Lord and His glory and love for Allah.

Therefore It is not surprising that the word Masjid – a place dedicated for collective congregational prayer – is derived from the word Sujud, the peak act of Salat and Its sweetest pleasant and gratifying fruit.

Respected Brother, Friends,

The Important position of a Masjid and other places of worship in Islam is evident from the knowledge that the first socio-religious responsibility placed on the shoulders of the Islamic Ummah Is to establish Al-Salat, in addition to other religious duties, required to be performed, both individually and collectively, by the Ummah.

Al-salat is best established, when it is properly and truly performed at the Individual and collective levels. This is possible in its perfect and comprehensive form by building fixed and permanent places of commitment within which this noble prayer can be offered. This place in Islam is the Masjid. Prayers offered in this meaningful and proper way is the clear expression of the vibrant existence of the Islamic Ummah. Prayer in this form provides the real and practical application for the Ummah’s being and their true identity.

Al Quran expresses this injunction as follows :

Those who, if We give them power in the land, establish Salat and pay Zakat and enjoin good and forbid abomination. And Allah is the sequel of events.”

Yes, this divine injunction bears a special significance. The revelation came after the first Islamic injunction permitting Jehad and adumbrating the principle of the sanctity of places of worship, and upholding them. The reference to Houses, which Allah permitted to be exalted and His name to be remembered therein, comes soon after the “Aayat Al-Noor”, so that these Houses may become shining examples radiating divine light. In like manner, reference to Masjids, wherein the name of Allah is recited, also comes soon after the injunction of Jehad so that through Jehad the honour and sanctity of Masjids is defended and upheld.

Yes, in this context Allah has proclaimed the purpose of the Islamic Ummah, its presence and Its establishment on the earth and described the raison d’etre of the Ummah’s being. That reason is the perfection of life in this world and the hereafter and the beautification of material and spiritual being. This end is realized by establishing Salat, giving Zakat, labouring for good and propagating good conduct amongst mankind.

Allah Says :

Verily the Deen with Allah is Islam.” Its meaning is, “hear and obey”. One of the characteristics of Deen-al-Islam is the bringing together of affairs of Deen and Dunya, each at its own level and in its own proper place.

Allah says:

Our Lord! Give unto us in the world that which is good and in the Hereafter that which is good, and guard us from the Doom of Fire.”

Therefore it is obligatory for a Muslim that there should remain no contradiction between the needs of Deen and the impulses of Dunya; be it in his conscience or his behaviour; be it in his intention or his deed. For in the philosophy of Islam Deen envisages the tending of both the worlds and the realization of composite happiness. Deen consists not of fasting and prayer only. It is the tending of Dunya and Akhirah.

In this comprehensive and exhaustive connotation of Deen – which is a living relation between man and his Creator, Al-Salat itself is not limited to words and acts, but includes all good acts to which Allah has called man. The Prophetic tradition says :

On every part of man is decreed Salat” The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) was asked “how strict is that which you have given to us.”

He replied :

Verily Allah has ordered right conduct and prohibited abomination. Therefore your ordering for right conduct and your prohibiting abomination is Salat. Your every step towards Salat is, in fact, Salat.”

The Prophet (Peace be upon Him) has also said:

Every action of a Moomin is Salat, even the clearing of the way from obstacles from the way is Salat.”

Verily, in the Masjid, the concept of Islamic Brotherhood is exhibited In its best connotation and its most beautiful form. In this sacred place Muslims stand before Allah in serried ranks and in equality. One Imam leads them all. No distinctions are made between the rich and the poor, the learned and the ignorant and between the leader and the follower. Each one stands before Allah with humility of heart, soul in supplication searching the Lord’s mercy, fearing His wrath and hoping for His meeting.

Likewise the concept of Islamic unity is evidenced in its best form and noble design, within the Masjid. Here we witness Muslims from various parts of the world, of different points and places, from the East, the West, the South and the North, all facing the one Qiblah, the choice of their hearts. They recite glorious verses from One Divine Book, which ensures safety and provides guidance for them.

How befitting it is that this Islamic brotherhood, born in the noblest places. Houses that Allah permitted to be exalted, should become the firm foundation stone for the unity of the Muslim Ummah the world over. How important it is that this Islamic unity, which springs from the noblest and choicest of worship, should be made a permanent organ for the unity of Muslims in all fruitful, positive and active fields of life.

We call upon all our brothers in Islam to this noble goal of Deen, reached through obedience to Allah, following the Sunnah brought by the Lord of the Prophets. Peace be upon him.

In this auspicious and happy moment, when we celebrate the opening of the doors of another House of Allah for Ibadat, Salat and the recitation of Al Quran, we cannot forget the painful tragedy of Al Aqsa, the Muslims’ first Qiblah and the place of ascension to the Heavens of Rasul-Allah (S.A.). We humbly and sincerly beseech Allah, that Divine Grace should enable Muslims to take correct and truly guided action so that noble Al Aqsa Is restored to His believers, Muslim aspirants, and so that the children of that Muslim Moomin land return to their rightful homeland in peace and with honour and safety.

Respected Brother, Friends,

I am gratified, on this happy occasion to extend my heartwarm thanks to His Highness Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and particularly to His Highness Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of U.A.E. and Ruler of Dubai for his moral support and meaningful help and ever continued encouragement which have made our grand religious project possible and its doors opened for Ibadat and Salat.

I am also happy that I am in the precincts of a Masjid erected by the members of a community of Muslim Mumin believers who trace their origin to Fatemi Imams, the progeny of the Lord of the Apostles and the last of the Prophets. This masjid represents their total commitment to Deen and fulfillment of their duty arising from unreserved acceptance of the Islamic Shariah under all circumstances and in all conditions. More, it Is their loyal act for the sake of Islam and Eman, in a land of Islam and Eman, and their love for the land that granted them domicile and nourished them. In all this, they have followed in the lofty traditions of their forefathers, keen to be included in the Grace of Allah who says:

He only shall tend Allah’s sanctuaries who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and observeth Salat and payeth the Zakat and feareth none save Allah. For such (only) is it possible that they can be of the rightly guided.”

And the Prophet (Peace be upon him) who says :

He who builds a Masjid for Allah even if it be but like the nest of a sandgrouse, Allah will build for him a house in Jannah.”

We pray that Allah guide their footsteps in the service of Deen, by engaging themselves in fruitful work and benevolent production wherever they go and wherever they live, so that they become along with their Muslim bretheren true examples and living models – complying with the words of Allah :

Those who, if We gave them power in land, establish Salat and pay Zakat and enjoin good and forbid abomination. And Allah’s is the sequel of events.”

And our last prayer is “All praise be to Allah the Lord of the universe.”

by: Mulla Juzar Shk Yusuf bhai