Irshadaat on Islamic Shari’ah & Fatemi Culture

Forwarded by: Shk Mustafa Abdulhussain


You have recognized the values and perceptions of the West and encountered
their culture. You are acquainted with western educational standards, their
knowledge and their codes of conduct. Indeed the West has made significant
progress in science and technology, but at the cost of spiritual serenity
and loss of peace of mind. Moral and religious values have been diminished.
A grand and attractive civilisation has been built but on unsound
foundation, ever ready to fall into an abyss. Truth and reality have been


You reside today in such an environment and are exposed to such a culture.
You came to the West with the treasure of Iman. You were guided by Du’at
kiram and traveled with their approval. Even today you reside here under
the beneficent inspiration of the Du’at. You are the recipients of the
barakaat and nazarat of the rightful Da’i. It is therefore incumbent upon
you to protect your treasure of Deen and Iman; to ensure that this
priceless jewel of yours is not stolen from you. Your language, your
culture, your customs and manners etc. are all bequeathed to you in trust
by the awliya of Allah. Always protect and preserve this trust.

Your every act must be founded upon Deen and Iman. In particular ensure
that the atmosphere of your home exudes deen and iman. Be concerned about your way of living, the grace and charm of which should be derived from the beauty and grandeur of the shari’ah. Servitude to Mohammed (SAW) and Ale Mohammed (SA) should be your pride and their ta’at (obedience) your adornment. O Mu’mineen! A mu’min child is a trust for which your are
answerable to Allah and His wali. You are accountable to Imammaz Zaman and
his Da’i. Accordingly, remain firm on Deen and Iman and make your children
firm on that foundation.


You and your children are acquiring knowledge and studying various
disciplines. Then Imams (SA) have declared “We bear no enmity to any
knowledge and we no bear no prejudice for any religion. However, our ilm is
such that it overhelms all others.”
This ilm encompasses all other types of
knowledge and indeed, gives perfection to them. Learning and knowledge
should be gained, but its acquiring must be from the standpoing of Islam
and perceptions of Al-Quran.

O Mumineen! I have said this often; that you should always recite the Quran,
by day and by night. Your children should also do so. Islam is the best of
religons and Al-Quran the most excellent of all creation. Amir al-Mumineen,
Mawlana Ali (SA) has said:

“The standpoint of Islam and the perception of Al-quran are supreme and
most excellent.”

If you accept this view of supremacy and excellence, you will attain
distinction and dominance in all your knowledge and deeds.


This world is a place of trial and tribulations. The world has always been
subject to change and upheavles and will continue to be so. Yet because of
the existance of Imam al-Zaman, their is peace for us. He is the cause of
peace of tranquility. Achieve propinquity with this mawla by holding on to
his mantle, the dai. Through the taat (obedience) of Ale Mohammed (SA) and their Du’at, we enjoy peace and are protected from the disorder and
anarchy. Their walayat and ta’at are our saviour in this world of trial.
Make this ta’at the guiding beacon of your souls. Engage in remembrance of mawali al-tahireen and their duat. They have never forsaken you nor shall
they ever do so. They have descended from the world of Ibda in order to
guide a mumin in this world and escort him to the hereafter. How can they
forgot you, when in your hearts and homes abide love for them and their
remembrance. On every occasion of turmoil or oppression, they will be your succor. Allah’s wali and his dai will sve you. They who rescued your
forefathers shall rescue you and just as they save you in this world, they
undertake to protect you in the hereafter. The imams have said:
“We are your guides in this world and in the hereafter.”
That is the solemn promise of the awliya, a vow that is abiding.


O Mu’mineen! Never forget that your prestige and honour flows from your
servitude to Mohammed (SAW) and Ale-Mohammed (SA). That bondage has bestowed on you a noble legacy that enriches your souls, your bodies, your children, your environment, your atmosphere, your society (and so on). This heritage must be preserved and protected through constant remembrance of him who is the cause of its vitality. Always remember Allah and Allah’s wali and his Da’i.

When in diffculty, remember the rightful Da’i. Remember me! I am your
caring and affectionate father. I am your trustworthy guide. O mu’menin! My
mawla and the mawla of all creation, Imam al-Zaman has sent me to strive
for your wellbeing and edification. I say to you today what my dear father
(and predecessor da’i) used to say:

“If I am concerned at all, it is for you. Enemies (of the Da’wah) do not
concern me. You are the children of iman; the children of Da’wah. The
enemies are but foes who have engaged in hostility for years and decades.
It is a sunnat and hikmat of Allah that enemies arise against huddat
(givers of guidance). They continue their enmity appearing, serpent like,
in many guises. They bore enmity even for Imam Husain (SA), the like of
whom you will not find in this world; one who had even won the love of
knaves. This enmity has existed in the past and continues to exist today.
What is the enmity about? That mu’menin, mu’menaat and their children
should not be guided by Mohammed (SAW) and Ale Mohammed (SA); that they should not practice the shari’ah; that they should not bear loyalty to the
rightful Da’i. When you prostrate, iblis (like they) cry out in pain.”

“Do not ever forget this; that salvation lies in our ta’at, prosperity lies
in our way of life, life’s vitality lies in our propinquity. The enemies
have made many onslaughts and will continue to do so. I, mamlook of Ale
Mohammed (SA), am the servant and Da’i of my mawla Imam al-Zaman (SA). I believe and am confident that Allah, the Omnipotent, the All-Powerful will¬†¬† come to my aid and will protect the da’wah. May Allah retain you in His
care and keep you firm in ta’at and walayat.”

O mu’menin! The system of sabil al-khair wal-barakat prevails with you.
Everyone should pay sabil in accordance with the established system. It is
a practice initiated by Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin Saheb and has many


Children attend madrasa in good numbers and their ta’lim (teaching) and
tarbiyat (upbringing) is well taken care of. But those children who do not
attend madrasah remain deprived of deeni ta’lim. You are the beneficiaries
of this ta’lim so why should your progeny be denied? It is the
responsibility of the madrasah committee and of mu’alimeen to ensure that
not a single child is without deeni ta’lim. Parents residing in foreign
lands are under obligation to strictly ensure that their children attend
madrasa and that their ta’lim is augmented at home. They should be nurtured
on iman with purity of intention and purpose. Those parents who cannot
ensure deeni ta’lim for their children, are unable to practice their deen
and are caught up in an atmosphere where they are only able to reap
material benefits and earn money – for them it is better that they return
to their homeland.

On the occassion of urs mubarak of Syedna Qutbuddin Shaheed (AQ) observed in London at the Town Hall, Hammersmith , on the night of Thursday, 2nd February, 1989 27th Jumad al-Ukhra 1409. Huzurala (TUS) chose to bestow benign guidance, partcularly, on the challenges and problems to be wrestled with by those who had migrated to the West.
Translated by: Shaikh Mustafa Abdulhussein.