Syedna Ibrahim Wajihuddin’s (ra) Nass upon Syedna Hebatullah al-Moayyad Fiddeen (ra)

Syedna Ismail Badruddin (ra) had willed his successor Syedna Ibrahim Wajihuddin (ra) to confer nass upon Al-Shaikhadam.

Ultimately Syedna Ibrahim (ra), by the ilhaam of Allah and His Wali, conferred nass upon his Shahzada Syedna Hebatullah al-Moayyad Fiddeen (ra).

The Dail al-Mutlaq has absolute authority in whatever he wishes to do.

The following details how that nass took place. The reader will be particularly enchanted to see how the public conferral of nass is almost identical to that which we witnessed in Raudat Tahera by Aqa Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (ra) upon Aqa Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (tus).

Excerpts from Kitab Muntaza al-Akhbar – 2 (Author Syedi Shaikh Qutubji Saheb AQ)


Shortly after the wedding celebrations for his daughter and others from the royal family Syedna Ibrahim (ra) was beset by an affliction that his doctors were unable to diagnose. He became very weak, unable to eat or speak and greatly stressed by the charge entrusted to him (and as yet not divested).

One day he lay sleeping whilst sat around him were his son Syedna Hebatullah (ra), brothers Shaikh Dawood bhai and Shaikh Faizullah bhai, aqila Maryam binte Musa and aqilas of Syedna Ismail Badruddin (ra) Jeewna Aai and Fatema Aai – all in deep worry and angst.

Then Syedna raised both hands placing them on his head in the manner of reciprocating salaam and alternately on his chest. It was troubling to see this and Shaikh Dawood asked his brother Shaikh Faizullah if he was seeing what Syedna was doing, moving his hands and not speaking and that he thought the affliction was getting worse when Syedna awoke and opened his eyes to see those around him.

At this point Jeewna Aai, aqila of Syedna Badruddin (ra), instructed those beside her behind the curtain for them to question Syedna about his actions and to be very particular in their questioning for Syedna Badruddin (ra) had also acted similarly during his illness prior to his death. When we asked him Syedna Badruddin said here is Molana Ali (sa) speaking to me such and such, Syedna Kalimuddin, Syedna Nuruddin and my father Syedna Shaikhadam Safiyuddin all telling me such and such. So ask him (Syedna) as well for he will tell you.

So they asked him about the raising of the hands and he replied assuring them, “Do not worry about me or be anxious in my regard for I am now healthy from my affliction. Do not think that my hand movements were involuntary as there was a reason behind them. This being that I was greatly troubled as to who to confer the charge entrusted to me (nass)?  Should it be to Al-Shaikhadam as I was enjoined to do so by Syedna Badruddin (ra) or to my son, delight of my heart, as he was the worthier and Allah has embedded love for him in my heart.

I was beseeching Allah to show me my rightful successor so that I may invest him and confer nass upon him and divest the charge placed around my neck to him. So as I was in the midst of this angst and my illness worsened I saw these persons of radiant visage they being Syedna Badruddin (ra) my predecessor who invested me and Syedna Nuruddin and my father Syedi Abdulqadir Hakimuddin all standing before me adorned in white and they bestowed salaam upon me which I reciprocated. Then, out of respect for them I raised my hands to my head.

Then they said to me to take comfort, cast away the burden of my heart and divest your charge to this one – pointing to my son Hebatullah. They instructed me to invest him as Dai after me (Syedna Hebatullah) who was sat on the right of the bed and then they also said that, as to Al-Shaikadam bin Syedna Nuruddin (ra); his death was impending.

So, once I had fully understood their indication towards him (Syedna Hebatullah) and determined that their felicitations were in his regard my worries and anxieties were released, the pains I was experiencing in my stomach and back and the tightening in my chest dissipated.

Then Syedna Ibrahim (ra) drew his son Syedna Hebatullah close to him and he said to him to rest assured o’ delight of my heart and to celebrate for I am hale and hearty and you are the one who will take my place and are the ‘mansoos’ after me and vicegerent of the Imam.

Molana recovered from his illness, took a ritual bath and then presided in majlis wherein his recovery was celebrated amongst Mumineen. Some days later, on the 15th of Zilhaj news came of the passing of Al-Shaikhadam which saddened Syedna deeply.

On the 18th – Ghadeer-e-Khum – Molana conducted waaz mubarak amongst all of Mumineen and Muminaat in which he narrated the nass of Rasulallah (sa) upon Molana Ali (as) and then he announced his conferral of nass upon Syedna Hebatullah (ra) stating that he would be their Dai after him and that obedience and disobedience to him was akin to obedience or disobedience to Syedna, the Wasi, Nabi and Allah (ta). All those present acknowledged the nass and pledged obeisance and there was great joy all around.

Then Syedna Ibrahim (ra) took Syedna Hebatullah (ra) by the hand and draped an opulent shawl over him, adorned him with a rich robe and taking his own paghdi he placed it upon his prince’s head.

Syedna Hebatullah (ra) stood before him hands apart in a plea of unworthiness saying, “O’ Mola how could I have the strength to carry this burden. He then deferred and bowed down upon Syedna’s feet, weeping. Syedna raised him by the head, stood him up and seated him at his right side.

Syedna Hebatullah (ra) did salaam and then the huduud and many Mumineen came forth to do salaam.

Reference – Muntaza al-Akhbar 2