Nass-e-Jali 1432H part II: Raudat Tahera

(continued from Nass-e-Jali, part I)

Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA with his Mansoos, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS during Nass ceremony at Raudat Tahera

Syedna al-Da’il ajal arrived in Raudat Tahera on 19th Rajab and performed every minute rite of ziyarat, applied sandalwood to the qabr mubarak (grave) and completed circumambulations around it. He gave permission to his Mansoos Al-Mola-l-ajal Aali Qadr (tus) and his ‘Azod-e-Qawi Al-Sayyed al-ajal SHahzada Al-Qaidjohar bhaisaheb Ezzuddin (dm) to mount the sections of Bismillah of Surah al-Baqara.

Mumineen had assembled in their thousands in Raudat Tahera to get a glimpse of their loving father. They waited in the majlis; all the huduud kiraam of Dawat were also present.

Upon this assembly Huzurala presided and exhibited something truly remarkable. The angels of the heavens descended to witness this radiant scene, the Prophets (sa), Imams (as), Duaat Mutlaqeen (ra), in particular Syedna Taher Saifuddin (ra) were all in anticipation and a singular taeed was streaming to him to once again pronounce Nass-e-Jali before Mumineen.

As Rasulallah (sa) had done at Ghadeer-e-Khum; ascending the minbar and declared Amirul Mumineen (as) as Wasi, taking him up with him and showing everyone who it was – the barakat of that prophetic nass was being forwarded to Mumineen and the joyous tidings of nass were proclaimed.

It happened thus:

Huzurala (ra) presided amongst the majlis and with his permission Mukasir-o-Dawatil Haq Syedi Husain bhaisaheb (dm) took Al-Mansoos Alayhe Al-Mola-l-ajal Syedi Aali Qadr Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin by the hand to a place above all of the huduud of Dawat.

Thereafter Huzurala (ra), renewing the nass, declared (as elucidated by Al-Hadd al-Farqad al-Azhar Dr Moiz bhaisaheb) “My name is Mohammed, Mohammed Burhanuddin, I have placed the crown of nass upon Mufaddal bhai.”

Huzurala (ra) said to Syedi Aali Qadr Mufaddal bhaisaheb (tus), “We are honouring you with the sharaf of nass; by the divine instruction of Allah and His Wali we are giving you this honour.”

Al-Mola-l-ajal al-Mansoos Alayhe proffered gratitude by saying: “Bismillah il-rahman il-raheem. I am the humble serf of my esteemed father Molana Mohammed Burhanuddin. I offer gratitude in to thee, I am unworthy, falling short in knowledge, falling short in deed – my soul is pledged to thy feet! May you remain for the moment that we may see how wondrously Imam ul zamaan will venerate you at the time of zuhuur. May Allah t’aala preserve my father’s life until the Day of Qiyamat.”

Al-Mola al-Mansoos alayhe then did qadambosi of Huzurala (ra) who placed a rich shawl over him as from all sides there came a loud chorus of Mola Mubarak! Mola Mubarak!