The Office of al-Dai al-Mutlaq Encompasses that of Mazoon and Mukasir

Excerpts from Al-Dail ajal Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin’s (ra) waaz mubarak explaining the all-encompassing nature of the office of al-Dai al-Mutlaq.

1. Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (ra) (Iqtebasaat – 8th Majlis 1425H)

Maulana Abdeali Saifuddin (ra), his brother Maulaya Abdulqadir Hakimuddin (qr) was senior in years. There were 4 brothers, Al-Maula-l-ajal Shaikadam Safiyuddin was the eldest; the Shahzada of Syedna Abdul Tayyeb Zakiuddin (ra) and who was in the post of M’azoon; a very lofty post.

However it is not that every M’azoon will necessarily become the Dai, that is Dai al-Satr;

The Dai of satr has weighty responsibility, bearing a burden that no one can sustain except by Allah’s might and power.

2. Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS (Iqtebasaat – 2nd Majlis 1426AH)


Allah (ta) has stated in the Quran with regards to Rasulallah (sa):

“And as a summoner unto Allah by His permission and as a lamp that giveth light.” (Al-Ahzaab, 46, Pickthall)

Summoning towards Allah, with His permission; how lofty is that virtue that Allah has stated in the Quran!

Thus, the status of the Dai for 900 years in the age of seclusion has been to be the guardian of the Dawat. Rasulallah (sa) is the overseer of that office; those that are superior encompass those beneath them. That is to say their status is above them and so their offices are encompassed by his.

As is with the Da’i, who may have beneath him a Mazoon and a Mukasir; thus the Da’i is himself both the Mazoon and the Mukasir.

3. Kalemaat Nooraniyah of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (ra) (Iqtebasaat -Aashura 1426AH)

Assembly of Mumineen!

Today is the day of Aashura so I say once again, even if there are no huduud (officers of Dawat) and only the Da’i al-Asr; then that is sufficient. He is their overseer and Dawat’s existence is because of him.

In that regard let us present a narrative;

In the time of Molana Abdullah Badruddin (ra), Al-Mola-l-ajal Ismailji bhaisaheb Badruddin – Mazoon of Dawat al-Gharra – passed away here – his grave is in Surat; Mazoon Syedi Ismailji bhaisaheb.

For ten months Molana did not invest anyone in the office of Mazoon, for ten months; Ismailji bhaisaheb Mazoon of Dawat died in Shehre Ramadan and Dawood bhaisaheb was invested in the office of Mazoon by Molana Abdullah Badruddin on the 27th of Rajab.

During that time many people of such mind, several queried and many expressed criticism that there was no Mazoon for so long.

So it is; they do not know that by the presence of the Da’i all are present, the status of Da’i encompasses that of the Mazoon and the Mukasir. As it was with my esteemed father. After the passing of Dawood bhaisaheb, bhai Fazal bhai Qutbuddin was invested with the office of Mazoon and bhai Ishaq bhai in the office of kasr (Mukasir) but in between there was a significant gap.

Then, following the passing of bhai Fazal bhai is Mamluk-e-Aale Mohammed’s name; at the passing of bhai Fazal bhai bhai Burhanuddin has been invested and at the same time conferred nass – this refers to me – Mohammed Burhanuddin.

So this discourse concerns time; there may be some time (when there is no mazoon or mukasir) but it cannot be said that so much time has elapsed. In the case of the Da’i (however) it needs be that when one Dai passes on the successor is already present at that very moment – there cannot be a lapse of even the blinking of an eye. For thereafter he cannot be invested, for who will invest him?

Only the predecessor can do so, only when the predecessor invests him can he be invested thus there can be no lapse at all (between them) and the lesser offices are fully encompassed by him.

So, “And some part of the night awake for it, a largess for thee. It may be that thy Lord will raise thee to a praised estate.” (Al-Isra, 79, Pickthall).

They are elevated to lofty estates, Allah has stated as much to Rasulallah (sa).

Assembly of Mumineen!

This discourse is in the category of musk, the discourse that is taking place is like musk. Today is Aashura, this day with Imamuz Zaman’s blessing I – Mamluk-e-Aale Mohammed – am applying musk to you.