The Barakat of Wajebaat – My Experiance

Mulla Murtaza Partapurwala

I wanted to share my personal experience with other Mumineen.

More than 10 years ago, my father left the business in the care of us two brothers during Shehrullah. That meant that I was to go and pay wajebat for us (my first time). My father’s instructions were to pay wajebaat as per the farman
and to ensure that the shop closes before maghrib.

I went to the wajebaat bethak and in accordance to my fathers instructions and the tawfeeq of Allah, I upheld the farman and paid my dues.

In the next few days we had a couple of customers (non-Muslims) who came to our shop and came with a long list of items- pipe fittings for an entire new railway station- a huge order. He came to the shop 20 minutes before we were supposed to close for magrib. Since the list was long we were able to give him rates for only half the items and then told him to come the next day. In the evening, my brother and I were regretting that we let the customer go but we consoled
ourselves that he would not have bought from us anyway because we did not stock most of the items.

The next day, the customer again came back and placed the entire order with us !! We were pleasantly surprised because that was the single largest order ever for our business.

Another ‘nemat’ was when the customer told us why he placed the order on us. He mentioned that when he went to our market, all the traders offered them softdrinks and did a lot of ‘khaatir’. Ours was the only shop that asked them to
leave because of prayer time. He said that they discussed it amongst themselves and found that even though we did not have the best rates but the fact that we placed our faith and religion over our business prompted them to trust us with
this very big order.

It was an important growing up lesson for us – the barakaat of Wajebaat

May Allah give our Aqa Moula Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S) a long life (Aameen).

by Mulla Murtaza Partapurwala