Syedna Abdeali Saifuddin (AQ), 43rd Dail Mutlaq

Habiba Janoowalla

In the last few years, anytime we think of Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA, we remember the recently inaugurated Masjide Moazzam, which was originally built by him. We remember the Masjid vibrating with the recitation of the Qasida Mubaraka of “Ya Aala Taahar Ridhaa…” We remember the 10,000 students reciting Quraan Majid in front of Aqa Moula TUS in this masjid. We remember the Ashara Wa’az performed in this masjid just a few months after its inaugural. This is how we relate to Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA, the immediate events coming to mind. But looking far beyond the recent years and to the years of Da’awat during the reign of Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin on the Takht of Da’awatul Haq the most important thing that comes to my mind is then Darse Saifee. Many Momineen got ilm of Da’awat in this institution. And today many Momineen are still getting ilm in this institution under the name of Jamea tus Saifiyah.

When I went to Surat a few years back I made a point to going and visiting the Jamea, but first I did the Ziyarat of the Dai who began it all. A Dai whose Wasila came to mind every time I sat for exams since I knew he was the ocean of all knowledge, Deen and Dunya. Entering the Qubba Mubaraka in Surat one could sense the calmness and peace in there, a great source of strength, I’m sure, for the students in Jamea today and always, to do well in their studies. After Ziyarat we went to visit Jamea and were given the tour of his amazing campus. So, it is much modern today than it was in the Days of Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA but the idea is the same: prepare the new generation of Momineen and spread the knowledge. Thus we have the Mullasahebo who are well prepared when they come to our small towns for Ramadhan and Ashara Khidmat as well as the Aamil Sahebo of various Jamaats today and for years to come. Example of such advantages are when theTolobaat of Al Jamea tus Saifiyah are prepared to answer our questions regarding different Shariat A’amal and also teach us the history of our Da’awat when doing Bayaan, the various levels of Sabaq which are held in different Jamaat and recently started Nisabul Barakaat Sabaq every year during Ramadhan. I do Shukr of Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA to have started such an institution, from where all the knowledge is spread out and reach Momineen all over the world.

When we talk about Jamea, Syedna Taher Saifuddin is never far from our minds. He changed the name of this institution from Darse Saifee to Al Jamea tus Saifiyah and made it known world wide in different ways. He shared the name Saifuddin with Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA and similar to him was also an ocean overflowing with ilm in any aspect of life. In one of his Qasida Mubaraka Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA explains how he is another Saifuddin to come a 100 years after Syedna AbdeAli Saifuddin RA. In this month, we have the privilege to celebrate the birth of Syedna Taher Saifuddin RA on the 27th of Zilqadatul Haraam. On the same day we also celebrate the anniversary of TakhteNashini of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS, the Mansoos of Both Saifiddin and in him is the cumulative ilm of Deen, Dunya and Aakherat.

May Allah grant our Dai’z Zamaan, Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS a very, very long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Qayamat and may we Momineen be fortunate enough to celebrate one after another TakhteNashini of the 52nd Dai’l Mutlaq. May the blooming of Da’watul Haq, also be the source of jealousy in the eyes of Da’awat na Dushmano. Ameen Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin ZINDABAAD!!!

Da’awatul Haq ZINDABAAD!!!

by: Habiba Janoowalla