Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin (RA)

Habiba Janoowalla

Tonight is the Urus Mubarak of Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin RA, a person of great Shaanaat, Sahebe Mo’ojizaat and one who is among Hudud Fodhola and was bestowed the Rutba of Mazoone Daawat upon him by Syedna Ismail Badruddin Saheb AQ. Syedi Hakimuddin’s RA Khidmat for Daawatul Haq was with such Ikhlaas that Syedna Ismail Badruddin AQ performed Nas on him but death came to Syedi Hakimuddin RA sooner then his reign on the throne. Because of Syedi Hakimuddin’s RA Khidmat with great Khulus Allah bestowed upon him the Sharaf of having Doato from his Nasl. Today, Daiz Zamaan Syedna Burhanuddin Aqa TUS is 13th Dai in the Nasl of Syedi Hakimuddin RA.

As a child, I often wondered how come we did Urus Majlis of the same Saheb twice in a month, 22 days apart. I also heard the famous Riwayat of how Syedi Hakimuddin RA has two Qabr Mubarak and none of that made sense, “it just can’t be possible,” I used to think. As I grew older I started understanding the Riwayat better and the Mo’ojiza of Syedi Saheb. The 2nd Urus is because Syedi Hakimuddin RA was burried twice. First, he was burried after death and then the munafeqeen did fitnat in which they claimed that Momineen had burried Syedi Saheb with salt in his Qabr Mubarak. Thus, an order was given to dig up the Qabr again where Momineen did Doa for Syedi Saheb to show a Mo’ojiza where either 1) his Jis’m Mubarak would disappear from the Qabr or 2) his Jism Mubarak would be as if he was just burried instead of 22 days earlier or 3) the hands of those who were digging the Qabr would dry up and they would not be able to dig out the Jism Mubarak. The Qabr was dug up and Syedi Hakimuddin RA was lying in the Qabr Mubarak as if he had just been burried and there was a fresh smell of flowers eminating from the Qabr as well as the Jism Mubaraka. This is the Mo’ojiza of Sahebe Mo’ojizaat Syedi Hakimuddin RA.

In 1994 after Ashara Mubaraka in Bombay, I was fortunate to do ziyarat of Syedi AbdulQadir Hakimuddin RA. I saw the Qabr Mubarak where Syedi Saheb was burried on 5th of Shawwal and the 2nd Qabr Mubarak, his final resting place where the Rozat is built today. We stayed in Burhanpur for 3-4 days and I remember how there were so many people there, everyone wanted to stay one more day but the Khidmatguzaars had to limit the number of days Momineen could stay there. (Normally, Momineen are allowed to stay in Burhanpur for about 10 days. Due to the large number of Zaereen after Ashara Mubaraka, Momineen were allowed to stay for only 3-4 days maximum to make room for those who were still enroute to Burhanpur from other places.) The weather in Burhanput at the time was really hot but when we were in the Rozat Sehan there was always a cool breeze blowing and we would stay in the Sehan area for hours. During the night, after Namaaz and Jaman people would file into the Rozat for Ziyarat and then would sit in the Sehan reciting Quraan, Yasin, Qasaid, etc while others did Tawaaf of the Rozat and some just sat in the Sehan talking to family members whom they hadn’t seen for years but because of the Barakaat of Ashara Mubaraka where Aqa Moula made it possible for people to meet. This continued till late night and Momineen just stayed in the Sehan gathering the Barakaat by sitting near the Qabr Mubarak and Rozat of Syedi Hakimuddin RA. The first night we were there until about 12 a.m. and the Khidmatguzaars kept telling Momineen to clear out the Sehan but nobody would leave. Apparently, this had been going on for quite a few days and finally they decided to turn off all the lights in the Qubba Mubaraka as well as the Sehan area. The next night, the lights went out at around 11 pm and yet some of us decided to stay there in the dark. There was so much Barakaat to gather and the 3 days stay there was just not enough time to do so.

As I sit at home today, knowing that I will not be able to go for Urus Majilis, there is only one consolation and that is, I was fortunate enough to have done Ziyarat of such Sahebe Mo’ojizaat RA and I pray with his Wasila that may Allah Ta’ala grant Daiz Zamaan, Sahebe Mo’ojizaat Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin TUS a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of Qayaamat. Ameen.

by: Habiba Janoowalla