Salamun Ala Itrat et-taherah – English Translation

Mulla Juzar Shk. Yusuf bhai Noorani

The Qasida Sharifah Salaamun Alal Itart et-taherah was written by Syednal Mo’ayyad Ash-Shirazi (QA) during the era of Imam Mustansir (AS), this is an English rendering of the Qasida Sharifah.

Salaam be upon the pure progeny,
and welcome to their resplendent lights.

I begin with Salaam upon Adam
The Father of all mankind, nomadic and sedentary alike.

Salaam be upon the one (Nuh Nabi AS) whose flood made
the reprobates suffer from great misfortune.

Salaam be upon the one (Ibrahim Nabi AS) to whom came
the peace at dawn when he was engulfed by fire.

Salaam be upon the one (Musa Nabi AS) who with his stick,
overpowered the unbelievers, accomplices of the tyrant Pharaohs.

Salaam be upon Isa Ruhullah,
who by his coming, Nasera (Nazareth) was honoured.

Salaam be upon Muhammad, the chosen one,
the one who is the master of Shafa’at (interception) in the hereafter.

Salaam be upon Ali, the beloved,
and his progeny, the radiant stars.

Salaam be upon you, O Sovereign Lord of Cairo,
and all the gain of Panjatan Pak (AS) abides with you.

May I be sacrificed upon you, O Mustansir Billah,
who is supported by the legions of heaven.

Salaam be upon you, O Grand Son of Rasulallah,
Salaam wrapped in priceless apparels.

by: Mulla Juzar Shk Yusuf bhai