Muslim World and Majlis-e-Husain

In present time, looking at the spectrum of the Muslim world, it seems that the nations of the world that identify themselves as Islamic countries, do not reflect the better condition than the condition which prevailed in later decades after the death of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) during the life of IMAM HUSSAIN, the grand son of the Prophet when YAZID at Damascus (Syria) was in the power, ruling his large kingdom with political Islam rather than true Islam.

The hallmark of the Islamic culture appears to be fading away in the deluge of modern paganism. The greater part of the Muslim world, directly or indirectly, is under the domination of non-Muslims. So-called OIC (Organization of Islamic countries, functioning from headquarter at Jeddah-Saudi Arabia) stands for name-sake and has no effective clout and concerted, sincere efforts to resolve the demanding and serious problems of their Muslim brothers in the middle-east and other part of the Muslim world.

Islam by the western media is not properly studied and understood. After 9/11 terrorist attack on WTC and Pentagon in USA, Islam by the west media is painted as a religion of Jihad and terrorists. Western power and media superficially visualized political Islam rather than understanding and presenting true teaching and values of Islam. Islam has nothing to do with the terrorism. It is unjust, immoral and absurd to link Islam with the terrorism and to relate an act of terror or violence of some group of extremists or fundamentalist as an Islamic terrorism.

Islam as a religion and Islamic philosophy present its basic ingredients and messages of peace, love, tolerance, compassion, charity, and coexistence as narrated by Qur’an and Hadith, but not for the violence and killing the innocent people. Violence and terrorist acts in some region of the Middle East are generated, not because of Islam or they are Muslims, but the people of that region suffer with injustice, human indignity and insecurity. Once the root-cause is identified with the superpowers and related problems are resolved, world will stand at peace.

In Islamic history, about 1365 years ago, on 28th Rajab in Hizrah-year 60 (Muslim calender), when Imam Hussain left Medinah (saudi Arabia) to start his journey towards Iraq, his mission in his intention was clear.

He did not intend to fight YAZID (then the ruler in syria) to get the rule or throne of the empire over which the Khalifa ruled. The mission of Imam Hussain was to reawaken the spirit of Islam and rekindle the Islamic conscious, which was nearing to extinction by the conduct of MUAWIYAH and his son-YAZID. The justice, the morality and Islamic values, then, were being destroyed gradually by the greed for the land and power of those who became rulers.

Attending the discourse during Moharram about the great struggle of Imam Husain ibn Ali (AS) against Yazid, then ruler in Damascus (Syria) is highly desirable. With limited resources, Imam Husain fought against yazid. It was a battle of true Islam against political Islam in the plains of KARBALA in Iraq. Martyrdom of Imam Hussain was not for the power but it was for human dignity, liberty and preserving true values of Islam. Therefore, Karbala, Kufa and Najaf are the great landmarks in southern Iraq for the Shiaite Muslim world, having the holiest mausoleum of Imam Hussain, Abbas-e-Alamdar and Hazrat Ali ibn Abi-Talib (SA), respectively. It would be callousness and hypocrisy if some one attempts to stop the discourse or Zikr/Va’az to present the aims and ideals of Imam Hussain and his tragedy in Karbala.

Majlis-e-Hussain is a right place to revive the memory of Imam Hussain and to shed the tears in his memory. For the spiritual source, the place of Majlis is a proper venue for the Muslimeen and mumineen. It informs, inspire, instruct and enlighten the audience-attendees of the majlis, on listening Zikr/Va’az about “Ahl-al-Bayt”, Imams, Duat-ul-Mutlaqeen , and Quran/Hadith based Islamic teaching which resurrect the spirit of Islam and the message of Quran.

Majlis (community-gatherings in Muslim culture) provides the platforms of Muslim unity, source of friendship/ bond and a vessel to collect the Islamic knowledge. Majlis should become a part of religious affairs since it offers the healthy food to soul and mind to nourish spiritually, morally and intellectually. Such a food is an important supplement to our food, required for the physical existence as a human being.

In Majlis-e-Hussain, it is highly demanding to remember that the Azadari-e-Hussain or Maatam-e-Hussain is not a mere ritual but it is a COMMITMENT to Imam Hussain (AS). The commitment by which all Mumineen pledge to uphold the values of Islam, to subordinate our hearts to the wishes of Imam Hussain, to join our Musfiq-Bawa Aaqa Moula His Holiness Dr. Mohammed Burhanuddin-Sajheb (tus) for his Call of “Maatam-e-Hussain” and to follow his Hidayat (Guidance/advice) to become a good human-beings, good Bohra Shia Muslims and good Mumineen to lead the dignified, good life in present-days civic society.

The crowd of 45000 Bohra Shia Mumineen, travelled and gathered from all over the world at DUBAI-city in UAE during the “Ayyam-e-Aashra” for the sermon/Va’az and Maatam-e-Hussain in Moharram-1425 (Feb.-March, 2003) in response to Call of His Holiness, Syedna Burhaniddin Saheb (tus) has demonstrated the great significance of “Majlis-e-Hussain” during 10-days of Muharram, culminating on Aashura., that is 10th of Moharram.

May Allah Subanahu provide a long and healthy life to our spiritual leader, beloved Aaqa Moula, Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin (tus) for the “Zikr-e-Hussain” and “Maatam-e-Hussain”.

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