Imam Uz Zaman (SA)

Mubaraka Mulla Shabbir Saifee

Somewhere on the face of earth
Imam-uz-zaman is there,
We know not in which country or town,
Just that is Dai is here.

Through him we know there really is
An Imam of glories high,
As always there is, we know
A sun within the sky.

And when the darkened night befalls,
A moon does take its place
And shines its light upon the earth,
Like a delicate embrace.

Its light is just that of the sun,
It reminds us, verily,
That somehow, someplace, somewhere else
The sun shines readily.

Like so, there is a Dai
With Imami qualities,
He knows just how and where and when
And all such realities.

We cannot know who is Imam
If not verified by him,
All those intelligent must understand this,
Except whose wit is dim.

For even if Imam himself
Should come to us one day,
“Oh do go to our Dai, please,”
We would politely say.

Oh morning breeze, will you convey
Our deepest of salaams
To whom, we know, must surely be
The greatest of Imams.

For the glories we do daily see
Through his beloved Dai
Confirms to us this certain fact
That no one can deny.

How his wisdom sparkles bright!
How free his knowledge flows!
And how his gentle characters
Do blossom like a rose!

How high his thinking really is–
How deep his piety!
How people are just drawn to him
Of all variety!

It is Allah’s greatest bounty
That his era is free of strife,
Yet we know that should the moment come
He’s ready to give his life.

Oh Allah! Do protect him
From all of life’s turmoils
And dump them on his enemy
Whose heart with envy boils.

And keep him ’till the Day of Judgement
In happiness and health,
And increase in us our devotion to him,
Which is the greatest wealth.