An Angel of Help

Zoher Ghadiyali

There I was, last night at 1am in the morning, standing outside my In-Town Suites Hotel room in Houston and fumbling for the key card in my pocket. I had a pile of freshly washed clothes that I carried up from the hotel laundry room. The light kept flashing red, and I just could not understand why. I had just been in and out several times while I was doing my laundry. Now it just refused to work and I felt a terrible sinking feeling as I realized I could be in deep trouble if I could not get in my room again. This hotel was not like a regular motel and the office hours were from 11am to 7pm only, so I could not just go to the office and ask them for help. But let me tell you the whole story.

The Houston masjid has become a beehive of activity, volunteers rushing feverishly at their assigned duties. All around, people are filled with a sense of excitement and awe as they witness the miracle of a small masjid becoming transformed into a grand Ashara site.

Everyone who is here wants to be involved in one way or another. They sense that something special is happening this year for Ashara, being in the United States and they do not wish to miss out this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Yesterday had been a long hard day’s work at the masjid with a bunch of volunteers lifting heavy steel beams for the tutak. My clothes were stained with black grime and oil and I needed to get them washed so I could be ready the next day. I had to meet Taher bhai Doctor at the masjid at 7am to pick up more materials. So as soon as I got to the hotel at around 10.30pm, I showered, changed and went down to the laundry room. Of course my wallet, car keys were inside my room.

So when it refused to let me in, I knew, as they say, “Houston, we have a problem”.

OK, I said, I am a grown person, I can figure this out. No car keys, I realized. My options were shrinking, and a gnawing realization came that I was in a hopeless situation. Well, the first thing to do was to get rid of the pile of clothes in my hands. I walked down to the laundry, all the while furiously thinking of alternatives. Nothing seemed appealing at all. Then as desperation became inevitable, I cried out loudly. O, Moula, you are my only hope now. Please help me. In less than a minute, I saw a car pulling in the parking lot. My heart leapt as soon as I saw the topis. As I ran to the car, I was surprised to see Juzar Shk Khuzema Yamani, and our Amilsaheb Juzer bhai apparently found my situation hilarious, but he took me to the maintenance man’s room, Room 123. The gentleman got up from his sleep, and after accepting my apologies, let me get back to my room.

And so my fellow Mumineen. If you wish to witness miracles everyday, come to Houston. And believe that our beloved Aqa Moula TUS is always catching out for us and helps us when we call on him.

May Allah Subhanahu keep this Angel of Help in our midst forever, Ameen.

by Zoher Ghadiyali

Houston, TX, USA