The Birth of Nabi Saheb (SAW)

Mulla Juzar Shk Yusuf bhai

Rasulallah (SA) was born in Mecca in the year 570 AD. This year is widely known as “The Elephant Year”. The Miracle of Birds and the event of the elephants’ attack on the Holy Ka’bah is described in Surah al-Fil in the Holy Quran.

The father of Rasulallah (SA), Moulana Abdullah (AS), the son of Abd al-Muttalib (AS), was not in Mecca at the time of the miracle of the birds. He had gone for trade to Palestine and Syria with one of the caravans; and on his way home he had lodged with his grandmother’s family in Yathrib (Madina), and there he had fallen ill.

The caravan went on without him to Mecca and when it brought the news of his illness. His father Abd al-Muttalib quickly sent Harith to accompany his brother home as soon as he should be well enough to travel.

But when Harith arrived at the house of his Yathrib cousins they answered his greetings with commiserations, and he knew at once that his brother Abdullah (as) was dead.

There was great grief in Mecca when Harith returned. The mother of Rasulallah (SA), Amenah’s (AS), only consolation was the unborn child of her dead husband, and her solace increased as the time of her delivery drew near.

She was conscious of a strong light within her. One day it shone so intensely from her, that she could see the castles of Bostra in Syria. And then she heard a voice say softly to her,

“Thou ,carriest in thy womb, the Lord of this people. When he is born say: ‘I place him beneath the protection of the One, from the evil of everyenvier; Then name him Mohammad.”

Some weeks later, Amenah (AS) gave birth to her child in the home of her uncle. Then Abd al-Muttalib (AS) took the new born baby boy in his arms and carried him into the Sanctuary of The Kabah. Where he prayed a prayer of thanksgiving to Allah for this gift.

Then he brought him once more to his mother, but on the way he showed him off to his own household. He himself was shortly to have another son, by Amenah’s cousin Halah.

At the moment his youngest son was the three year old Abbas who now met him at the door of his house. “This is thy brother; kiss him,”he said, holding out to him the new-born babe, and Abbass kissed his baby nephew Mohammad (SA).

Various miracles appeared all over the world as signs of Rasulallah’s (SA) birth. The Court of Kisra, ruler of persia, witnesses a deep crack which is present to this day. The minarates of his castle fell to pieces. The Lake of Sava, holy water of the Majus, dried up; while their holy fire was estinguished. The atmosphere was filled with fragrance and the atmosphere was full of happiness and joy. The Astrologers and occultists were stoped from their misdeeds and the Satan was thrown out of the boundries heavens and shall never again be able to ascend to the skies to hear the chants of the angles.

Many such signs appeared declaring the coming of the Seal of the Messengers and the final revelation of Allah. The Deen of Islam will rise above all other beliefs and guide mankind to the right path of salvation till the day of Judgement. This auspicious day is indeed the most greatest ‘Id of Islam.