Al-Ameen: Nabi Mohammed-ul-Mustafa (SAW)

Tasneem bhen Palanpurwala

The trusted one (Al Ameen), Allah’s chosen messenger, the leader of the Anbiya, the Holy Prophet are but a few of the many terminologies that describe the greatest of Prophets – RASULULLAH (SAW).

Rasulullah (SAW) was born in the year 571 C.E. in Arabia to Maulana Abdullah (S.A.) and Maulatena Amena (S.A.). However his parents died when he was very young and he was brought up by his grandfather Maulana Abdul Mutalib (S.A.). After the death of his grandfather he was looked after by his uncle Maulana Abu Talib (A.S.) to whom he was very close and attached.

Since his youth Rasulullah (SAW) acquired a high reputation and regard from family and friends for his noble character and unflinchable principles.

He entered into matrimony at the age of twenty five with Maulatena Khadija(A.S.) and Allah had blessed them with four daughters and three sons (who died in infancy). Maulatena Fatema (S.A.) the most dearest and famous was born after he received Nubuwat.

After he recieved Nubuwat, he began receiving messages from Allah to spread the Deen of Islam. The first to accept were Maulatena Khadija (A.S.) and Maulana Ali(A.S.). The task of establishing Islam was mammoth and Herculean because it was a time when people were practising polytheism and were morally and spiritually decadent. At this period to propogate the supremacy and oneness of Allah seemed impossible. But it was Allah’s command and he was Allah’s chosen one. With Allah’s benedictions and the support of his wasi Ameerul Mumineen (A.S.) he embarked upon this task meeting all the challenges and overcoming all the hurdles in his way. His enemies stemmed within his family as well as the outside. But he was not afraid. He jeopardized his life not once but several times without heeding to the consequences because he had implicit faith in Allah and it was for the noble cause of Islam. In his mission to spread Islam, Rasulullah (SAW) waged twenty eight wars. The first was the Battle of Badr.

The enemies were infuriated and plotted to kill Rasulullah (SAW). However Allah’s Farman was brought by Jibrael who directed Rasulullah (SAW) to perform Hijrat from Mecca to Medina. This marks the beginning of the Hijri calendar which we follow.

At the age of 63 years the world was bereft of Rasulullah (SAW) physical presence. However he remains with us perpetually because of the richest legacies left behind by him- AlQuran and his Itrat (progeny).