Ummo-l-Du’aat-il-Mutlaqeen, Molatona Al-Hurrat-ul-Maleka (RA), Arwa binte Ahmad (QS)

Hadiqato Akhbaril Yemen

Wafaat: 22nd Shabaan-ul-kareem, 532 H/ 1139 AD, Dhi Jiblah, Al-Yemen

Al-Molat-ul-fazilat-ul-radiyyah, Molatona Al-Hurrat-ul-Maleka’s (RA) birth name was Molatena Arwa binte Ahmad bin Mohammed bin Qasim Al-Sulayhi (RA). Molatena Arwa was nurtured by Molatena Asma binte Shihaab (qs).

She was an individual of very complete qualities. Her voice carried power, her qira’at (Qur’an recitation) had beauty, she was a calligrapher, poet and had an outstanding memory for historical fact. She had an oceanic knowledge of tanzeel ( outward meaning of the Qur’an), taawiil and `ilm-ul-hadith (words of Rasulallah SA).

Al-Da`ii al-ajal Syedna Ali bin Mohammedo-ni-l-Sulayhi (RA) gave her utmost respect and oft said, “By Allah! (an oath) She will nurture our progeny and the children of D`awat and she will safeguard the affairs of D`awat.” She was married to Syedna Ali bin Mohammed’s shazada, Syedna Ahmad Al-mukarram (RA)

Molatena Arwa would give sabaq to Du`aat from behind a curtain. Her knowledge, virtue, piety, desistance from materialism and worship was accompanied by administrative and political excellence such that she won the hearts of people near and far.

Molatena Arwa was held in high esteem by A’immat Tahereen (AS) and thus she was addressed in the following ways in their letters to her:

  1. Al-Hurrat-ul-Maleka (the free, the Queen)
  2. Al-Sayyidat-ul-radiyyah (the leader)
  3. Al-Taherat-ul-zakiyyah (the pure)
  4. Waheedat-ul-zaman (unique)
  5. Sayyidato Muluuk-il-Yemen (Leader of the kings of theYemen)
  6. `Umdat-ul-Islam (Bastion of Islam)
  7. Khalisat-ul-Imam
  8. Zakhirat-ul-Deen (Treasury of Deen)
  9. `Umdatul-Mumineen
  10. `Ismat-ul-mustarshideen (refuge of those seeking guidance)
  11. Kahf-ul-mustajeebeen (shelter of the respondants)
  12. Waliyyato Amir-il-Mumineen (authority designate of the Imam)
  13. Kafilato Awliye-hil-Mayameen (nurturer of his followers)
  14. Hujjatul Jaziratil Yemeniyyah (the Hujjat of the Yemeni peninsula)

(All translations are approximate)

Molatena Arwa was the hujjat of Imam Aamir bi-ahkaam-illah (AS) for the Yemeni peninsula. ( Hujjat is one of the highest posts after the Imam). She had the status of ishraaq which means she had the faculty of understanding the Imam’s mere inference. Imam Aamir sent her an old handkerchief from which she realised that his passing was imminent.

In 524 H, Imam Aamir sent Molatena Arwa the famous ‘Sijil-ul-Bisharat’ which conveyed the glad tidings of the birth of Imam Tayyeb (AS). She then passed this news on throughout The Yemen.

In 525 H Molatena Arwa extended the east side of the Jam`e masjid of San`aa and had the names of Panjatan Paak and all the Imams up till then written into its walls in Kufi writing. They remained there and were revealed again in this age of Aqa Burhanuddin (t.u.s.).

Molana-l-Aamir was asassinated in 526 H and from that day until 532 H Molatena Arwa continued the D`awat-Tayyibiyyah in Al-Yemen in the name of Imam Tayyib. In accordance with Imam Aamir’s injunction she began the succession of Du`aat Mutlaqeeen – instituting the first Da`ii, Syedna Al-Zoeb bin Musa (RA) as the Da`ii of absolute authority (itlaaq). She took an oath from him that no Da`ii would pass away except that he would have conferred nas upon the next Da`ii.

One year previous to her own passing away, in the year 531 H, Molatena Arwa sent gifts of priceless jewels to Imam Tayyib including a testament of 7 pages signed by witnesses including one from Hind (India). Molatena Arwa died in 532 H, her milk brother, Molana-l Khattab (RA) wrote a qasida in eulogy to which Syedna Taher Saifuddin (RA) has added his own verses.

One of her titles was Kafilato Awliya-e-hil-Mayameen, to which Syedna -l-Khattab alludes when he writes;
Kafalte jamiy al-Mumineen kafaalatan ‘alat lahumu fi zilliha-l-darajaatuu

You nurtured all Mumineen to such a degree that their status, in the shade of that nurturing, has been elevated.

Today, Mumineen’s level continues to be elevated; the thawaab of which belongs to the nurturing of this mother, Molatena Arwa (RA) and that of her progeny, Du`aat Mutlaqeen.

Hadiqato Akhbaril Yemen
Translated by: Shk Mustafa Feeroz