Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (RA), 24th Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaril Hudaatil Yemen

Wafaat: 16th Zilhijjatil haraam 974 H, 23rd June 1567 AD, Tayba, The Yemen

Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin bin Suleyman (RA) was the first Da`i of Hind and hailed from Sidhpur (Gujarat, India).

The last of the Yemen Du`aat, Syedna Mohammed Ezzuddin (RA) had overseen the transfer of the Dawat to Hind and he conferred nas upon Syedna Yusuf. Three copies were made of the nas letter and he ordered that one remain in the Yemen and the other two be sent with utmost care in two different ships to reach the Waali of Hind Mowlaya Qasim (qs).

From amongst dissident voices came the question, “What do you know? What is the state of Syedna Yusuf? He is across the seas.”
To this Syedna Ezzuddin replied that “My nas letter will reach him and he will rise to the office of Dawat.”

A day before his institution as Da`i, Syedna Yusuf lay sleeping below a grapevine along the road to Malwa. An astrologer passed by who looked at him closely before saying, “This person should not travel with his feet to the ground; this is a person of stature, he will become a great king and attain a vaunted position.”

Syedna Yusuf was the youngest of seven brothers. When he made intent to go to the presence of the Da`il Mutlaq (in Yemen) he asked his father on the day of Ghadeere-khum that in this mubarak day give your children a gift of money. His father distributed his wealth amongst his sons and Syedna Yusuf offered thanks as he took his share declaring, “With this money I will go for Haj.” Syedna Yusuf’s father said, “Son, I will go with you for Haj” and both sahebs did Haj together. Thereafter they went to the Yemen where they did qadambosi in Hazrat Aaliyah shortly after which Syedna Yusuf’s father, Suleyman (qs), passed away there in the Yemen.

Syedna Yusuf remained in the Da`i’s presence reaping qudsiyah barakaat and doing khidmat.

After Syedna Yusuf’s institution to the office of D`awat there was a conflict between Mumineen and other peoples resulting in a boycott of Mumineen. Syedna Yusuf was incensed by this and he created a completely new and separate mohalla for Mumineen with a new market in which there were 24 shops. He instructed Mumineen to purchase their wares from there and had a well dug by which a Masjid was then built. The Masjid had two tall Minarahs which are preserved till this day. These actions resulted in Mumineen gaining in respect and the opposing peoples being humiliated.

In accordance with Syedna Ezzudddin’s instructions, Syedna Yusuf remained in Hind for five years before coming to Yemen where he stayed secretly in Zabeed. He instructed Mumineen to retake the fortifications that had been lost and went first to Hiraaz where someone advised that he should first take Kahil. Syedna Yusuf told them, “First I will take Akamatul M`eqaab” and did so. Even today evidence remains to mark where Syedna Yusuf entered the fort to retake it.

After the retaking of the forts Syedna Yusuf stayed in Zayyah, Masaar and finally in Taybah.

Syedna Yusuf conferred nas upon Syedna Jalaal Shamsuddin (RA). Mumineen returning from Hind did arz that Syedna Jalaal is severely ill, he may even have passed away. Syedna Yusuf replied, “No, he will not die. My nas will reach him, he will rise to the office of D`awat and will confer nas upon two Dawoods (RA) before passing away.”

Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin’s (RA) reign lasted 28 years, 9 months and 23 days and his qabr mubarak is in Taybah.

Hadiqato Akhbaaril Hudaatil Yemen
Translated by Shk Mustafa Feeroz