Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin (RA), 23rd Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah

Wafaat: 27th Safar al-Muzaffar 946H/ 13th May 1539AD, Zabeed, The Yemen

Reign: 13 years, 3 month, and 6 days

al-Dail Ajal Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA was the 17th Dai from Ale Waleed and the last of Duat Kiram from Yemen. Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA resided in Masaar but had to leave due to the immense atrocities of Mutahhar Sharafuddin. He had to submit the fortress of Masaar to the Zaidi after the wafat of Syedi Hasan bin Nuh QA.

Syedna Izzuddin RA arrived in Zabeed with the intention of going to Hajj but the Zaidi had poisoned the drinking water in the ship and it had effected Syedna Izzuddin RA. On knowing this he returned to Zabeed immediately and passed away to the heavenly abode after a few days.

Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA conferred nas on Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin RA. Syedna prepared three letters, one of which was kept in Yemen and the other two sent to Hind in different ships.

When Syedna Izzuddin RA sent the nas letters to Hind, he was told that he might not be aware of the situations in Hind as well as that of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin RA due to the long distance. Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA replied that “The letter will reach Syedna Najmuddin RA and he shall become Dail Mutlaq”, and it did happen.


Zabeed is a historical city of Yemen. It has been the center of Banu Najah. Its importance in the history of Dawat Fatemiyah is from two aspects:

The first aspect is that Maulatena Asma binte Shihab QA (The mother in Law of Maulatena Hurratul Maleka and mother of al-Malik al-Mukarram), was imprisoned in in Zabeed after the martyrdom of Syena Ali bin Mohammed al-Sulaihi RA. The place where she was kept prisoner had a single window before which the head of Syedna Ali bin Mohammed RA was placed on a long spear. The head would move with the flow of wind on the spear. Such was the atrocity on Maulatena Asma QA.

Another important aspect is that the last Yemeni Dai Syedna Mohammed Izzuddin RA started the preparations of shifting the throne of Dawat to Hind from Zabeed.

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah
Translated by M Juzar Sh Yusuf Noorani