Syedna Ismail Badruddin (RA), 34th Dail Mutlaq

Translated by: Mulla Juzar Shaikh Yusuf

Wilaadat: 990H/1582AD
Wafaat: 23rd Jamadil Aakher 1085H/ 1674 AD, Jamnagar, India
Reign: 19 years, 7 months, 14 days

Syedna Ismail Badruddin’s (r.a.) father Al-Mowla Raj (qs) took him to the hazrat of Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah (r.a.) and submitted him as khumus. Syedna Dawood entered him into Dars.

After the death of his father he took over the entire business and was a major trader in Nagar. He would stay for 4 months in Nagar and then 8 months in study in Ahmedabad. In this time he spent vast sums in the cause of D`awat. Syedna often said to his son, Syedna Abduttayyeb Zakiyuddin (r.a.),

“If spending in Allah’s cause resulted in the loss of wealth then I would have nothing left and if limbs would be worn out as a result of the pursuit of knowledge then I would have no energy left.”

Syedna performed the khidmat of seven Du`aat Kiraam and underwent many trials. During the time of 5 Du`aat he was Waali of Jaamnagar for a total of 40 years.

Syedna had the sharaf of deedaar of Imam-ul-zamaan (a.s.) in a dream in which the Imam brought him good tidings.

Syedna Qasimkhan Zainuddin (r.a.) owed a debt to a mahajan which Syedna famously fulfilled. In a time of drought he sent cart-loads of food grains from Ahmedabad to Nagar.

The Hujuumiyah group formed and Molana sent them a severe letter of reprimand.

Syedna Shujauddin (r.a.) conferred nas upon him, around his house Allah’s guardians could be seen. Molana Badruddin is the first in the line of Du`aat from the descendants of Bharmal and the 10th Daii of Hind.

Molana had a special regard for students of al-ilm and pledged a mannat that if the Daiiship were to come to him then he would cater for their feeding. Consequently Molana initiated the tradition of safra (to this day all Jamea students are catered for by Aqamola (tus)).

Syedna Badruddin assumed the takht of D`awat at the age of seventy-five and remained for twenty years before passing away at the age of ninety-five. He remained firm until then, overseeing all affairs..

Tohfato L`aali Akhbaaril Hudaat
Translated by: Mulla Juzar Sk Yusuf bhai Noorani