Syedna Ibrahim (RA), 11th Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah

Wafaat: 10th Shawwal ul-Mukarram 728H/ 18th August 1378AD, Hisne Af’ida, The Yemen

Reign: 42 years, 8 months, and 21 days

Al-Dail ajal Syedna Ibrahim (r.a.) was a mountain of knowledge and undertook the strengthening of the order of d`awat. He was particularly noted for the enactment of the faraaiz and sunan (plural – sunnat) of the Shariah.

Molana’s abode was in Daarul Anqaa and Molana remained ever involved in the nurturing and development of his successor – Syedna Mohammed bin Syedi Hatim (r.a.).

Molana Ibrahim reached an age of close to 90 years and conferred nas upon Syedna Mohammed.

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah
Translated by: Shk Mustafa Feeroz