Syedna Husain Husamuddin (RA), 21st Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah

Wafaat: 10th Shawwal ul-Mukarram 933H/ 27th July 1527AD, Masaar, The Yemen

Reign: 15 years, 1 month, and 25 days

Al-Dail ajal Syedna-l-Husain (r.a) bin al-Dail ajal Syedna Idris (r.a.) reigned as Dail Mutlaq for 15 years. Towards the end of his life Molana’s health became poor and all of the affairs of D`awat were entrusted to al-Mola-l-ajal al-Faadhil Syedi Hasan bin Nuh (qs). Any correspondance received from Hind, Sind or Yemen was referred to Syedi Hasan bin Nuh and he would attend to this khidmat.

Syedna-l-Husain conferred nas upon his shahzada Syedna Ali (r.a.) and together with this, in secret, also conferred nas upon the last of the Yamani Duaat – the 23rd Dai Syedna Mohammed Ezzuddin (r.a.).

Hadiqato Akhbaare Hudaatil Yemen Al-Raaiqah
Translated by Shk Mustafa Feeroz