Syedna Ali (RA) bin al-Mola Mohammedenil Waleed (QS), 5th Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaaril Hudaatil Yemen

Wafaat: 27th Shabaan ul-kareem, 612 H/ 20th Dec. 1215 AD, Aghmuur, Hiraaz, Al-Yemen

Syedna Ali (RA) is the first Da`ii from banil Waleed. `Utbah bin Rabi`ah bin al-Waleed offered 18 grapes to Rasulallah in Ta’iff and because of Rasulallah’s resultant du`a mubarak 18 Du`aat would come from his progeny of which Syedna Ali is the first.

Syedna Ali’s grandfather was Ibrahim bin Abi Salma, a pious man of ethics. When he became ill in Misr, Imam Mustansir (AS) visited shifa and sent a vessel of water and he recovered. He then took the (pottery) vessel back with him to Yemen preserving its remnants until his death. If a Mumin became ill and came to him he would give them some of its powder and he willed that what remained of it be placed in his grave upon his death.

Syedna Ali wrote many qasaid and volumes of which one is “Kitaab ul iyzahe wa-l-tabyeen” (Book of explanation) a copy of which is preserved today in the treasuries of D`awat of his own hand. A copy of his tome, “Mukhtasarul Usuul” is also preserved in the hand of Syedna Ali Shamsuddin (RA) whilst “Al-Zakheerah” is preserved in the hand of Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (RA).

Syedna Ali has explained the status and significance of the Du`aat Mutlaqeen in the era of ‘satr’ and both in his explanation and in his action was to be seen an exemplary ideal of ikhlaas. By conducting many sermons he enshrined the ideals of ikhlaas in the hearts of many Mumineen.

Syedna Ali conferred nas upon Syedna Ali bin Hanzalah (RA) before his passing and it is said that his grave is in Aghmuur, Hiraaz though the exact place is not confirmed.

Translated by: Shk Mustafa Feeroz