Syedna Ali bin Syedna Hatim (RA), 4th Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaaril Hudaatil Yemen

Wafaat: 25th Zilqadatil haraam 605H/ 30th May 1209AD, The Yemen

Syedna Ali’s father Syedna Hatim (RA) entrusted his upbringing to Syedna Ali bin Mohammed inil Waleed (RA). Syedna Ali bin Mohammed taught him until he had given him everything that he knew and then presented him to Syedna Hatim for nas to be conferred.

Syedna Hatim conferred nas upon his son and remarked upon Syedna Ali bin Mohammed’s utter devotion, “You have transcended even angels in your ikhlaas.”

Syedna Ali lived in San`aa and followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather (Syedna Ibrahim (RA)) in every matter of Allah’s creed. He conferred nas upon Syedna Ali bin Mohammed before passing away in San`aa. It is also said that he was poisoned.

Syedna Ali’s place of burial is unknown.
His reign lasted 9 years, 10 months and 9 days.

Hadiqato Akhbaaril Hudaatil Yemen
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