34th Dai al-Mutlaq; Syedna Ismail Badruddin ra – Tradition of Thareedul Barakat

Syedna Ismail Badruddin ra 34th Dail Mutlaq, Jamnagar

Known affectionately as ‘mhota bawaji saheb’, Syedna Ismail Badruddin ra initiated the tradition of ‘safra’ – providing food to the ‘talabatul ilm’.

That tradition has endured till this day and expanded greatly by his worthy successor Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin ra who fed morsels from this barakati safra to all Mumineen, Muminaat and talabatul ilm (students).

Every year on the occasion of Syedna Ismail Badruddin’s ra urs mubarak Molana would send flour touched by his mubarak hand to the mawaid of Aljameatus Saifiyah from which ‘thareedul barakat(malido) would be prepared. Talabatul ilm would partake of its blessed morsels and from this they would attain bodily and spiritual well-being.

The tradition of sending this flour began after the passing of Syedna Taher Saifuddin ra during Syedna Burhanuddin’s ra tour of Kathyawaar. In Jamea there was an unseemly situation with the ‘manaahis’ (anti-Syedna professors) wielding control and thus blocking the flow of barakat.

Talabatul ilm submitted sajadaat and arz in Hazrat Aaliyah Imamiyah and from Kathyawaar Molana ra sent the ‘thareedul barakat’ (barakati flour). The result of this was that the evil of the ‘manaahis’ dissipated and barakaat increased exponentially.

No matter where he maybe, at every urs anniversary Molana ra would send this barakati flour and by its blessings we can see barakat in all aspects of the talabats lives and education. This barakat has expanded in recent years to reach all the homes of Mumineen in the form of Faizul Mawaaid al-Burhaniyah and as is his wont, Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin tus Aqa is continuing the traditions of his father.

May Allah t’aala grant our beloved Aqamola tus a long and healthy life until Qiyamat.