Al-Dail Ajal Syedna Sheikhadam Safiyuddin (RA), 28th Dail Mutlaq

Tohfato L’aali Akhbaaril Hudaat

Wilaadat: 6th Jamadil Ukhra

Wafaat: 7th Rajabul Asab 1030H/ 1621AD, Ahmedabad, India
Reign: 9 years, 22 days

Al-Dail Ajal Syedna Sheikhadam Safiyuddin (RA) performed the khidmat of 4 Duaat Mutlaqeen from Syedna Yusuf Najmuddin (RA) to Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah (RA).

When Suleymaan (l.a.) began his subterfuge in the time of Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah, Syedna Safiyuddin expended noble efforts both physically and materially. Molana engaged in debate using the knowledge of Haq guiding many Mumineen.

Molana Safiyuddin was imprisoned several times; was placed in chains, hung upside down and lashed.

Molana Safiyuddin assumed the throne of D`awat and even after, enemies continued to cause hardship.

Molana Safiyuddin conferred nas upon Syedna Dawood bin Qutubshah’s shazada, Syedna Abduttayyeb Zakiyuddin (RA). Molana passed away at the age of
seventy five years.

Tohfato L’aali Akhbaaril Hudaat – (original publication in lisaan ul D`awat issued by Shazada Huzefa bhaisaheb Mohyuddin (dm)) Translated by Shk Mustafa Shk Dawood Feeroz