Syedna Al-Hasan Badruddin (AQ), 17th Dai

Hadiqato Akhbaatil Hudaatil Yemen

Wafaat: 6th Shawwal al-Mukarram 821H/ 5 Nov 1418AD, Zamarmar, Al-Yemen

Reign: 12 years, 27 days

Al-dail ajal Syedna Al-Hasan Badruddin (r.a.) preached the virtues of Aimmat Tahereeen (a.s.). Syedna’s magnanimity was bountiful with a particular generosity towards students of ilm. This was to be seen especially during Shehre Ramadhan and on the two eid.

Syedna conferred nas upon his brother Syedna Ali (r.a.) before passing away. News of his death reached his shahzada Syedna Idris (r.a.) in Shibaam and Syedna Idris immediately set off – travelling through the night to reach Zimarmar where he buried Syedna in the sahen of Masjid-e-Aqdam besides Duaat Kiraam (r.a.).

Hadiqato Akhbaaril Hudaatil Yemen
Translated by Shk Mustafa Feeroz