Lunar Eclipse – April 25th 2013

This lunar eclipse will be visible in eastern Europe or Africa, central Asia or western Australia. At the instant of greatest eclipse the Moon will be at the zenith for an observer just east of Madagascar. Eastern parts of South America will experience moonrise with the eclipse already in progress, but none of the eclipse is visible from North America.

UTC Timing of 25th April 2013 Lunar Eclipse (UTC is GMT) :

Penumbral Eclipse Begins:  18:03:38 UT
Partial Eclipse Begins:    19:54:08 UT
Greatest Eclipse:          20:07:30 UT
Partial Eclipse Ends:      20:21:02 UT
Penumbral Eclipse Ends:    22:11:26 UT

Corresponding tiimings for India:
Partial Eclipse starts: 01.24
Partial Eclipse ends: 01.52

All Mumineen should abstain from eating and drinking during the partial eclipse phase and there should be no sexual intimacy in that night (or during the day of a solar eclipse). It is a time when one should pray, particularly namaaz, Quran and Dua. Leisure and frivolous pursuits should be avoided.
During an eclipse pregnant women in particular should be very careful. For example they should not handle metal objects – especially sharp ones. Nazrul Maqaam (as) and sadaqo should be offered.

Other directives with regards to things to abstain from during eclipses and other times of extreme natural events can be found in Busaheba’s Sahifa.
Gharan (eclipse) namaaz see Book 1 page 149.
For pregnancy see Book 3 page 21.

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