Nisab ul Mahad al Zahra USA (4 year hifzulquran program) is now open for enrollment

Salam Jameel

By the Dua and Raza Mubarak of Aqa Moula TUS, Nisaab ul Mahad al-Zahra – USA (4 year hifzulquran program) has started in Houston. Students from across the USA has been benefitting from this remarkable program. Mahad al-Zahra USA on the auspicious Centennial Milad Mubarak of Syedna Muhammad Burhanuddin (TUS) is now accepting new admissions for the new academic year of 1432H-1433H/2011-2012.

For information kindly visit our website:

Further information could be obtained by contacting us at 832-533-0324 , 713-429-5024 or

Mahad al Zahra USA

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