PHOTOS: Sports Day at Saifiyah Boys High School Karachi

On the auspicious occasion of 100th Milad Mubarak of Aqa Moula Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS, Jamali Nursery & Saifiyah Boys High School, Karachi, arranged the Annual Sports Day of pre primary at the roof top of the school and primary and secondary classes events at the famous Railway Ground Stadium. The event was started by Tilawate Quran Majeed and then the P.T. display took place in which the 100th formation was done by the children, all at drum beats, to wish our Moula TUS His 100th Milad. Then other sports events took place. The principal of the school Mrs.Shireen ben Karimjee and sports teacher Mr.Aziz and Mr.Masood played their vital role to organised this event at its best.

May Allah Subhanahu grant our Moula Mohammed Burhanuddin a very long and healthy life taa qayamat. ameen


M.Huzaifa Mohammed Disawala

Moallim, S.B.H.S. Karachi.

Photos provided courtesy of Mulla Huzaifa Bhai Disawala

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