PHOTOS: Shehzada Mohyuddin Saheb DM in Sidhpur

The Siddhpur Ijtema May 2010 organised between the 6th of May upto the 9th of May is over but the Ohbat for Ashara 1432 continues. When we look back at the 4 days of the Ijtema a sense of great pride emerges and we feel proud to be called a Siddhpurite. Words cannot alone express the great time we all had in these 4 days in Siddhpur.


The 6th of May started with the International Taaruf Program organised under the able guidance of Shireen Bensaheba Jamaluddin. About more than 100 shaadi laayak farzando both boys and girls from all over the world mainly from Gujarat participated in this taaruf program which was held at Asma Hall, Badri Pura, Siddhpur. Shireen Bensaheba and her team comprising of Mulla Shabbir Bhai Deghami, Ismail Bhai Blue, Yusuf Bhai Gheewala, Sk. Nuruddin Bhai Tasira, Taher Bhai Jariwala, Nisrin Ben Madarwala and Sakina Bhen Master and many others worked selflessly towards its success. By Aqa Moula’s(TUS) doa 9 jora bandhana. Hatts off to Shireen Bensaheba. After the taaruf program all were invited for Neeyaz.


On the same day of 6th May in the evening after Maghrib Esha Namaz by the doa and karam of Huzureala(TUS) Siddhpur obtained the sharaf of welcoming Shehzada Aaliwaqar Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb (DM) in Siddhpur. The newly renovated magnificent Najmi Hall was the venue for Daris which was organised with the neeyat of tul-ul-umr of our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS) and with the neeyat of Ohbat of Ashara 1432 in Siddhpur. The newly renovated Najmi Hall looked like a palace – like a durbar of a Maharaja. And aptly so Huzurela(TUS) is a badshah and on this day his prince Shehzada Aaliwaqar Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb (DM) increased the beauty of Najmi Hall 10 folds with his presence. We also were fortunate to have the kind presence of Janab Abi Ali Bhaisaheb Husamuddin Saheb, Janab Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb Najmuddin Saheb and Shamoil Bhasaheb Shihabuddin Saheb in Siddhpur.


Daris was recited by the 355 zakereen present who had come from all corners of the world to participate in the International Zakereen Competition organised by us. After the daris we received the sharaf of bayaan mubarak of Shehzada Saheb. In his address Shehzada Saheb highlighted the baraqaat showered on Siddhpur by doat mutlaqeen, khaas satan Huzurela(TUS) recent mubarak visit to Siddhpur in which Huzureala(TUS) yeh farmaayu ke ‘ Hu Siddhpur baraqaat levane ane aapwane aayo choo ‘. Shehzada Saheb congratulated the mumeneen of Siddhpur for organising the Ijtema and complimented the efforts of Anjumane Najmi Jamaat, Siddhpur and Concern For Siddhpur. Bayaan Mubarak ended with purjosh matam of Imam Husain (SA) .

Janab Amil Saheb Abdulhusain Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin Saheb then delivered a stirring speech and requested all Siddhpur mumeneen world wide to join hands and work towards our goal – Ashara 1432. Janab Amil Saheb expressed great happiness and shukran to Shehzada Saheb for accepting our humble invite to Siddhpur. Shaikh Saifuddin Bhai Haji and Abuzar Shaikh Nuruddin Zakir the Chairpersons of the Ijtema also got the sharaf of doing mukhtasar zikr and expressing thanks to Shehzada Saheb. After this all were invited for Neeyaz. Shehzada Saheb proceeded for Ziafat.

Ziafat sharaf was given to Sk. Abbas Bhai Raghib and Sk. Saifuddin Haji.


7th May Rasme Saify was a day of hectic activity – a memorable day for Siddhpur. 10 Nikahs were performed by Shehzada Saheb. A Shaandar procession was organised constituting 10 camels with Mashaeks sitting on it. 2 ghora ni baggi, 2 camel ni baggi, scout bands, police band, music bands, dulhas on horses, bacchao na sehra, madrasa na bacchao on camel carts. Shehzada Saheb gave us Salami from his place of residence. The procession was led by mashaeks, Siddhpur muttawatteen and Siddhpurites from all over the world, Dulhas family members and farzando – totally about 2000 mumeneen participated in this shaandaar procession. It looked as though Huzureala(TUS) Siddhpur ma moujood hata. Shehzada Saheb expressed tabassum and great happiness while watching the procession. At about 10.30 a.m the procession of mumeneen ended and entered the Najmi Hall where Nikah Majlis and Nikah ceremony was performed at the hands of Shehzada Saheb.

Najmi Hall looked like a dulhan – fully decorated and glittering.




After the Nikah Ceremony the following were felicitated by Shehzada Aaliwaqar Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb(DM):-


1. Shaikh Husain Bhai Haji     – for the khidmat towards restoring Zaini Masjid to its original glory

2. Hasan Bhai Shahpurwala - for the khidmat towards complete renovation of Najmi Hall 

3. Shaikh Saifuddin Bhai Haji   - for his hard work towards restoration of Najmi Hall and Zaini Masjid

4. Jamshed Bhiwandiwala -      the architect who did the renovation of Najmi Hall

5. Shaikh Fakhruddin Bhai Laila – for his hard work towards restoration of Najmi Hall

5. Abuzar Sk. Nuruddin Zakir -  for his hard work towards the Siddhpur Ijtema and Siddhpur betterment projects

6. Saifuddin Bhai Shahpurwala – for his hard work towards completion of Najmi Hall


After the Nikah Majlis Shehzada Saheb proceeded for Misaq Majlis at Yusufi Mahal. Misaq Majlis was followed by Shehzada Saheb and Saadaat Kiraam proceeding for Ziarat of Syedi Kazikhan Saheb, visit to Baitut Tarbiyat and visit to Burhani English School. Shehzada Saheb then gave Ziafat Sharaf to Sk. Saifuddin Bhai Tambawala and Sk. Shabbir Bhai Madha. For Rasme Saify Janab Amil Saheb, and Bensaab did tremendous efforts and guided the Rasme Saify co-ordinators Fatema Bhen Haji, Mulla Mohammed Madraswala, and Mulla Ismail Bhai Blue at all times.


Late afternoon an urgent Jamaat meeting was organised with a one point agenda – Ohbat for Ashara 1432 under the sadaarat of Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb (DM). Janab Abi Ali Bhaisaheb, Janab Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb, Siddhpur Amil Saheb Janab Abdulhusain Bhaisaheb, Murtaza Bhaisaheb and Ishaq Bhaisaheb and members of Anjumane Najmi Jamaat were present at this meeting. A lot of matters were discussed with regard to the feasibility of Ashara 1432 in Siddhpur. Shehzada Sahed adviced and guided us for better management, personal interest and to work with full sincerity towards Ashara 1432 ohbat.

In the evening Shehzada Saheb gave Ziafat Sharaf to Sk. Fakhruddin Bhai Laila and Sk. Mustansir Bhai and Sk. Aziz Bhai Tambawala at Yusufi Mahal. Shehzada Saheb bid adieu to Siddhpur after Ziafat onwards to Hasanpeer Shaheed.

On the 8th of May a unique seminar cum workshop was organized at the Jamali Hall ( AC ) from 10 am to 2 pm. About more than 800 mumeneen men and women attended this seminar. The seminar was conducted in the following fields:-

Heritage of Siddhpur by Jamshed Bhiwandiwala

Heritage and Culture of Siddhpur by Zoyab Bhai Kadi

Dawat History of Siddhpur by Sk. Juzer Bhai Siddhpuri(Jamea)

Business opportunities in Siddhpur by Sk. Moiz Bhai Tankiwala

Industrial opportunities in Siddhpur by Shri H. D Srimali, Dy. Comm – Ind

Health and Medicare by Dr. Sk. Hakimuddin Bhai Pardawala

All present appreciated with a loud round applause and shared a lot of views. Lunch Boxes were served to all present.

On the 9th of May the finals of the International Zakereen competition was held at Najmi Hall, Siddhpur . The pre-selections and semi final alongwith a workshop for Zakereen was held at Hasanpeer Shaheed from the 6th to the 8th of May 2010. The final competition was organized in the afternoon under the sadaarat of Janab Mehlam Bhaisaheb Zainuddin Saheb and Siddhpur Amil Saheb Janab Abdulhusain Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin Saheb.

Normally for a competition 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize is given but Aqa Moula(TUS) doa ni baraqat na sabab Concern For Siddhpur and Anjumane Najmi Jamaat, Siddhpur yeh Karbala ni Ziyarat no prize and sharaf sagla 17 finalists ne aapo. The Zakereen Competion was like an icing on the cake. We are at a loss of words to express our words of gratitude to Shehzada Qusai Bhaisaheb Vajiuddin Saheb(DM) for sending Janab Mehlam Bhaisaheb Zainuddin Saheb to Hasanpeer Shaheed and Siddhpur and educating and guiding all Zakereen under his expertise. Sk. Mustafa Bhai Attarwala, Sk. Jaffer Bhai Dungarpurwala, Sk.Kausar Bhai, Mulla Huzefa Bhai Babrawala all helped us tremendously in performing the khidmat of Zikre Husain. Our co-ordinators Mustafa Bhai Retiwala and Huzefa Bhai Tambawala also did a splendid job.

One the same afternoon on the 9th of May – the finals of our Cricket Tournament between Chennai and Bangalore Teams took place at the grounds of the Burhani English School, Siddhpur. The audience were mumeneen mardo, bayrao and baccha. Our esteemed guests included Janab Abi Ali Bhaisaheb, Janab Saeed ul Khair Bhaisaheb, Janab Abdulhusain Bhaisaheb, Murtaza Bhaisaheb and Ishaq Bhaisaheb. Bangalore won the finals amongst loud applause from all present. Prizes were given to the winners. Volleyball and TT finals were also held. Sk. Saifuddin Lakdawala, Mufaddal Laila, Mohammed Calcuttawala, Mehlam Tambawala and Kusai Lehri did a splendid job of co-ordinating the sports events. Yusuf Bhai Mamoowala and Huzefa Akbar Tambawala worked hard for all the events. for his hard work towards restoration of Najmi Hall and Zaini Masjid for his hard work towards restoration of Najmi Hall and Zaini Masjid

Maghrib Esha Namaz was performed by Janab Amil Saheb at the same place where Ashara 1403 was performed by Huzureala(TUS). Purjosh Matam of Imam Husain was done by all present with neeyat of tul-ul –umr of Aqa Moula(TUS) and with neeyat of Ashara 1432 in Siddhpur.

After Namaz Siddhpur by night became day as we organized a grand carnival at the extreme end grounds of the Burhani English School. 100 food stalls, game stalls, business stalls, giant wheels, cartoon characters and a grand fire show ended the grand finale of the Siddhpur Ijtema May 2010.

All Siddhpurites congratulated the efforts of the Chairpersons for this Ijtema Sk. Saifuddin Haji and Abuzar Sk. Nuruddin Zakir.

We offer shukr na sajadaat in Hazrat Aaliyah that we obtained success in our endeavors of getting maximum Siddhpurites to Siddhpur in the heat of May 2010 and organizing events which are close to the heart of our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS) and projects which give immense happiness to our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS). All who came to Siddhpur from all over India and from various parts of the world – we can say that we have won as we have obtained the khushi Mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS) by visiting our vatan Siddhpur and opening our mumeneen houses and mohallas. The Siddhpurites who did not come to Siddhpur – we can tell them that though we missed them – they missed a lot.

We once again offer Shukr na sajadaat to Huzurela(TUS) for sending to Siddhpur Shehzada Aaliwaqar Shehzada Huzaifa Bhaisaheb Mohyuddin Saheb(DM) to grace our Ijtema and for doing doa for us and for making our event 100 times more eventful by his gracious presence.
Long Live our beloved Aqa Moula(TUS) in good health ta qayamat. Aameen.

Reported By Rampurawala Murtaza Skh Mohammed
Photos By Mustafa Alihusainbhai Kabir



Photos provided courtesy of Rampurawala Murtaza Skh Mohammed

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