[PHOTOS] Dallas Amil Saheb and Members Meet with U.S. Senator Hutchison

On the occasion of the dedication of the Irving Veteran’s Memorial in Irving (Dallas) Texas on May 17th, 2009, Janab Amil Saheb Sk Ali Asger bhai Ezzi, Sk Taher Ali Hamid and Sk Mustafa Hamid had the occasion to meet United States Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas (and candidate for Governor of Texas).

Senator Hutchinson had delivered cordial Birthday Greetings to Aqa Moula (TUS) on the occasion of Huzur-e-Aala’s TUS 98th Milad Mubarak. Amil Saheb delivered a letter of appreciation from Shahzada Aali Waqar Shahzada Qaid Johar Bhaisaheb Ezzuddin Saheb (DM) on behalf of Huzur-e-Aala (TUS). Cordial Greetings were exchanged and Senator Hutchinson sent her kind regards to His Holinss Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Aqa and to Shahzada Saheb.

Abde Syedna TUS

Mustafa Sk Taher Ali Hamid (Dallas, USA)

Photos provided courtesy of Mustafabhai Hamid

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