website transitions

The team is in the process of making changes to the infrastructure that powers our site. The benefits are a centralized engine for processing akhbar and news, and increased use of RSS feeds to power the front page. We have also made enhancements to the salaat timing code and will be introducing a new combined miqat/calendar tool soon.

You may notice some temporarily broken links and reduced website functionality. We are working to bring missing features back online as soon as possible. Please email us at if you have any difficulties, especially with salaat timings hosted on your own websites.

One thought on “ website transitions

  1. Dear Support

    Thanks for all the excellent services you have been providing all these years!

    I would like to RSS feed from your website to
    I have already created a parser which does it. Could you kindly have a review and if I’ve the permission to publish it on our site.

    Thanks & Regards