Qadambosi Bethak

Huzurala (TUS) on Tuesday, 10th Safar ul Muzaffar gave the Sharaf of Qadambosi to Mumenaat. He arrived at 10:30 am in the sehan of Al Masjid ul Burhani. More than 500 ladies and children dressed in colourful attire received the sharaf of qadambosi. Some children even had the sharaf of Sehra on dast mubarak of Huzurala (TUS). Mumenaat’s faces glowed with joy. This shower of Barakaat continued till 1:30 pm. Huzrala TUS then proceeded to Haveli Mubarak in Miyana.

Huzurala (TUS) on Wednesday, 11th Safar ul Muzaffar bestowed the sharaf of Qadambosi to Mumenien. Syedna TUS delivered a short bayan in which he said that the rasam of “Sabeel ul Khair val Barakaat” was started by Syedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin Saheb (AQ). When offering Sabeel, one must not think that he has to give but that he should give and that it is an mandatory on him. Huzurala graciously showered pearls of Dua Mubarak in which He said,
تمارا ككـهرو ما خدا بركة بولجو ، خدا ككـهرو محل جيوا اْثثجو
Syedna (TUS) praised Anjuman e Taiyebi for their nashaat and Ikhlas in Khidmat and while advising, he said,

تميطط سككلا تمارا دين نا سبب ايك تهئي جاؤ، هلي ملي نسس رهو ، كيوا كه تميطط سككلا ايك بيسرا ثثر محبة سي فداء تهاتا هوئي
This bayan teaches us to reconstruct our inner self and re evaluate our belief about the basic concept of Sabeel for the welfare of mumenien and to unite together and work unitedly like the parts of the body.

More than 350 mumenien and children recieved the sharaf of Qadambosi amidst recitation of Madeh. Tears of joy and fulfillment were seen on the faces of each and every mumin.

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